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Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews {July} Get a Brief Review

Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews {July} Get a Brief Review

Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews {July} Get a Brief Review -> This article gives a detailed review of a piece of news information on a doctor making her claims.

Have you heard the recent news about Dr Stella Immanuel? She has been in the news for her various claims regarding medical issues. The latest news is about denying covid-19 prevention using masks. In this article, we will give Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews for you to have detailed information about the topic. To accept the claims she had made in her views, and her videos, you need to know the real story.

The American president had supported dr Stella for her praises about a drug used in the treatment of malaria. She has become famous after tweets from the president, and her videos have been posted on social media. She has been in the news everywhere in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries worldwide.

Who is Dr Stella Immanuel?

Dr Stella Immanuel is a doctor from Houston, and a member of the US group of physicians called American Frontline Doctors. She was born in a country in Africa called Cameroon and had done his medical studies from Nigeria. She had always been claiming issues related to the medical world, which was often unreasonable.

This time her claim is related to the malarial drug hydroxychloroquine that is praised by her, and she claims that masks are not crucial for stopping transmission of the covid-9 virus. She has no proof about her claim and still is trending in the news. Several studies on the drug are there that do not support its’ cure of covid-19.

Earlier, her claims were on gynecology related issues like endometriosis and cysts. In which she had said, that they occur in people who have relations with demons in their dreams.

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Main Points of Dr Stella News

  • The doctor gave her speech at the White Coat Summit in the Supreme Court.
  • She claims to have treated a lot of patients using hydroxychloroquine.
  • She said the President of America himself promoted this controversial medical treatment, and he took the medicine.
  • She said masks are not essential for covid 19 pandemics, because of the potent hydroxychloroquine drug.
  • Her video trended on Twitter and Facebook and got millions of hits and views.

Negative points of Dr Stella News

  • There is no proof of any successful study on hydroxychloroquine being a success in treating covid-19
  • Dr Stella has no proof of what she has claimed about the malarial drug.
  • Masks are so essential in preventing the coronavirus, and she is denying its use and claiming it as an unsuccessful cure.
  • People worldwide, including those from the United States, Canada, Australia, and other nations, are shocked at her claims.
  • Even social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have deleted her videos.
  • She has threatened the social media platforms saying that she would destroy their servers if they do not upload her videos again

The Real Story behind Dr Stella Immanuel

To get relevant information about Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews, we researched in detail and found that she had been making unreasonable and foolish claims earlier, too, regarding medical issues. She has also alleged doctors from her medical group are trying to take her license away, but nothing has been proved yet.

She had been talking about scientists who are making vaccines to make people less religious. All her claims are seen as strange and full of foolishness. People do not believe her completely, as she has no proofs regarding whatever claims she had been making.

She posted sermons on Youtube and specific articles on her site related to medical issues, throwing her thoughts and beliefs about molar pregnancies and fibroids.

She had once posted a sermon in 2015 telling people about a witch who is destroying the world by causing abortions and miscarriages among people. She said DNA had been used from space aliens to treat such issues in the medical world.

Apart from such claims, she has been pointing fingers on the American government telling people that reptilians and not humans run it.

The Conclusion

Taking all the aspects of the above news article, we can surely treat it as a story used for getting publicity and become famous. The lady who is also a doctor is giving highly unacceptable claims and cannot be treated as acceptable.

We suggest the readers remain unbiased and do not accept all her claims as no proof is available for the same.

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