Website Reviews Reviews [May] Read Post Before Shopping Here Reviews 2020 Reviews [May] Read Post Before Shopping Here -> This article is about a website that is dealing with children’s toy and accessories. We are going to reveal the facts about the website here.

Are you looking for the best soft toy for your kid? Does your princess the best Tutu for her next birthday? Why don’t you browse on

According to Reviews, it is one of the e-commerce stores for children’s toys and accessories.

It is one of the right choices for those who want to decorate their children’s room or celebrate their birthday with the best gifts.

New parents in the United State are very much keen on their children’s happiness. Also, it is crucial to be very much conscious when you are dealing with a child. You must choose the best toys and other products for the child. Online toy shops provide you with a huge collection with soft toys, Tutu, special birthday gilds, princess dresses or superhero costumes.

Is Dolltu website legit?

Dolltu, that sells play costume, soft toys, Tutu and other accessories for kids as well as other related items. It is difficult to find out the authenticity of a website. Therefore, it is a common question to ask is Dolltu website legit? At a glance, it seems to be a genuine online store. Here, in this article, we are going to reveal all the hidden facts of the website. Keep reading to know the real facts.

What is

The sellers claim to sell one of a kind birthday dresses, Tutus, wings, toys and other gaming accessories for the kids. The website offers you worldwide free shipping and delivery. They said that all of the toys are quality tested and safe for the kids.

Specifications of

  • Product:  Doll and Toys, Tutu
  • Website:
  • Email id:
  • Contact No.: (518) 330-7656.
  • Contact person: Lisa Cavanaugh
  • Address: 151 Rockhill Drive, San Antonio, TX 78209 United States
  • Shipping: Within seven days of placing the order
  • Delivery: within 5 to 9 business days after shipping
  • Return/ Refund: Items (if it remains accurate) can be returned within 30 days after receiving
  • Exchange: Available (except some of the products)
  • Mode of payment: PayPal

What are the benefits of

  • You will get a massive collection of birthday gifts.
  • From the newborn babies to a teenage child, the Dolltu offers toys for all of them.
  • All are the quality tested products.
  • Get a vast collection of colorful Tutus and other related accessories for the ballet dress.
  • Gifts for both the baby boy and the baby girl are available.
  • Bodysuits, tights, wings, and headset; all are available for the birthday party.
  • Get a quick shipping and delivery policy.

What are the disadvantages of

  • A roughly designed website it is.
  • Dolltu does not allow you to shop for more than $105 worth. The seller does not clear out the reason behind it.
  • You cannot select the size and length of the dresses before placing the order.
  • A lot of detail of Dolltu matches to other websites that indicates it a scam.
  • Only PayPal is accepted; no Visa or MasterCard is available.
  • No cash on delivery is available.

Customer review

As the website has neither review section nor online existence, we use our insight and related referral to find out the real facts of We have found a lot of relevant reports online about the website. Many people in the USA, who bought their products from the site, did not receive even after the payment. Also, their mailing procedure does not work. At the same time, the customer’s helpline number and the contact person is nothing but a fake identity.

The website Dolltu has been already gone through several tests. In all analyses, it has been proved that this is a new website, not older than six months. Therefore, the experts ask you not to trust on the site.

The website does not have an authentic social media existence. Also, there is no tracking system available on the Dolltu to monitor the progress of the ordered item. The cyber experts informed that the website has no online security. Ordering here by using your PayPal account could be a significant risk.

The final verdict

After thorough research, we have come to the point that is an untrustworthy website. Therefore, we do not recommend you to shop for any item from this website. If you buy products from here, do it at your own risk. It is not a genuine website. Be aware of it—Shun placing orders on Dolltu.

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  1. I purchased without checking on this company. I suddenly had a bad feeling and checked reviews and scams online. Within 20 minutes I cancelled the order. First I called over and over but the line stayed busy. Second, I wrote to the email and received no response. Actually, I received absolutely no responses, no receipts, no notices for shipping, nothing. Third, the address says San Antonio, TX, but when Pay Pal sent the only receipt the name was Asian; I am ignorant of the language. I wrote Pay Pal to cancel immediately also, and Pay Pal refused to back me. I will not use them again either! Fortunately my credit card company too my email requests to Dolltu and Pay Pal and are backing my requests for cancellation.
    Beware this strange set up; better yet do not order from them. It might be entirely bogus.

  2. About a hobbyhorse off y’all I did not receive it I’ll take the money off my card so if I don’t see it in the next couple weeks you can go ahead and put the money back on my card is $57 and some odd cents
    And if y’all are not a legit quit taking money from people is hard enough to keep from people like you still want from

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