Does Alien Tape Really Work [Nov 2020] READ Reviews

Does Alien Tape Really Work [Nov 2020] READ Reviews

Does Alien Tape Really Work [Nov 2020] READ Reviews -> This article is for those who wish to learn more about

Have you ever wondered while doing up your space that if you could simply stick the wall mounts, photo frames, and toilet racks without using screws, hammer, nuts and bolts?

It would be so much easier to just keep sticking the racks, hangers and so on, instead of drilling and causing permanent damage to your walls.

Here’s, introducing ‘Alien Tape’, it simply holds anything up to 17.5lbs weight to all surfaces including the erected ones. The product is hugely demanded in United State and Canada.

What is Alien Tape? is the official website of the product ‘Alien Tape’, which can simply join any two things together like a strong adhesive or glue does. While alien tape itself isn’t an adhesive based product, it simulates a duct that can be washed, cleaned and re-used for a change of use.

Isn’t it remarkable? Simply stick your favorite wall pictures, hangings and racks without depending on others for a drill and screw exercise. Even in the toilets or balconies, you can just about hang anything without any worries, as the articles will be right in place, till you remove them yourself.

Sticking a heavy towel or a flower pot is no longer a dream but an actuality if the weight is within permissible limit(17.5lbs).

How does it work?

Alien tape is as good as it sounds. Yes, it’s a completely innovative and out of the world technology, like an ‘Alien’ and it looks like a broad transparent ‘cellotape’.

The product uses an advanced grip technology which instantly strongholds any object to a surface, whether it’s wood, glass, ceramic or anything.

The tape is specially designed for household needs, when getting help handy becomes a problem.

Who should buy here?

This is a dream come true for many, I am sure of that. Especially, ladies who are just not adept at doing menial carpentry work in and around the house will be greatly benefited with this item.

Imagine a situation, when you have just shifted to your new space and don’t wish to damage the construction by boring holes into the walls, then what’s the alternative that you can use?

Of course Alien tape!

People, who are staying on a temporary basis like in rented apartments or PG(Paying Guest) accommodation, will not like to offend the owner(s) of their ‘stay put’ by simply drilling and boring all over the place. 

In such scenarios, using alien tape is an affordable and long lasting alternative for the same.

Why is it famous?

Alien tape is no doubt a wondrous product that would fix anything. I can say ‘anything’ because 17.5lbs is quite a large amount of load to withstand.

The tape doesn’t use any adhesive itself but works on technology. It can be washed, cleaned and used repeatedly, without bothering that it would lose it’s strength over time.

The tape even being wet will hold on to surfaces as hard as in it’s dry state. That’s because it repels gravity.

Does Alien Tape Work?

Yes, Alien tape is a great bond to work with. It has a million suction cups embedded into it’s thin film which simply sticks onto any surface with unimaginable strength and suction. That’s the reason; the surfaces are easily bound to each other without the fear of falling off.

Since, it’s not glue or gum based duct, the material doesn’t wear off with time and has an awesome longevity. You can secure your phone while driving, carpets in the house, pet bowls, statues or artifacts in place and just about anything.

What are the negative remarks about it?

I really don’t find anything worth criticizing in this product except two things that I am concerned about.

Firstly, whether the site is legit or not? That’s because if it’s not then our money would go waste with the advance payment option and the product will never reach us.

Secondly, can we trust the tall claims that the owner(s) make about the tape? Alien tape sounds to good to be true. Will it work in the manner it says? If it doesn’t will there be a refund?

is tryalientape Legit? was registered on 28.09.2019, which is just a couple of months back. The founder is ‘E Mishan & Son Inc.’. The owner company has been in business since 70 years, dealing in products on TV.

Their address is : 230 5th Ave #800, New York, NY-10001, United States.

Phone number : +1 212-689-9094

E Mishan & Son Inc is a prudent enterprise but if you evaluate the contact information on the website then 1-800-606-5588 has been duplicated. The number is being used elsewhere too.

Regarding the claims made for the tape, only after using them, one can analyze the truth.


Alien tape no doubt sounds very useful and is a game changer in the long run. But, if there’s any discrepancy in it’s tall claims and the website’s viability, then would be another floundering business in the e-commerce world.

0 thoughts on “Does Alien Tape Really Work [Nov 2020] READ Reviews

  1. Alien Tape is Bunk.
    My girlfriends parents are very religious people.
    They used Alien Tape to hang a fairly large crucifix on the wall right above her bed.
    And at around 2 in the morning the crucifix fell off the wall and put a 3 inch gash.
    In the back of her father’s head.
    Thanks A.J.

  2. I bought the three pack. Total waste of money. Last night I used it to hang two framed pictures. Each weigh under a pound. Alien Tape claims it hold 18 pounds. Less than 10 hours later, I heard a crash & one frame fell off & broke. Don’t waste your money.

  3. I bought it mainly to use on my sheetrock walls but when it arrived I read the instructions that it cannot be used on sheetrock. Very deceptive advertising.

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