Discovery Plus Error 504 (Jan) Not Working? How To Fix?

Discovery Plus Error 504 (Jan) Not Working? How To Fix?

Discovery Plus Error 504 (Jan) Not Working? How To Fix? >> You will get all the related solutions to the error 504 of Discovery + in this post.

Are you from one of those who are facing Discovery Plus Error 504Then you are not alone because recently, several users are detecting a similar issue. In this section, we will discuss the matter and show you how you can try to fix this technical error.

The issue went viral when the Discovery + app showed an error in the United States server. Although it’s a technical glitch that can be sorted out, most viewers don’t know how to fix it. So, let us see all the possible solutions to solve it in the below section.

What is Discovery Plus Error 504?

As a kid, we all used to see Discovery channel. It is one of that channels that you will find in favorite section in TV in most of the house. The reason behind this is because it not only gives you the entertainment but also information, a different point of view and related to lifetime.

 But recently in most of its subscribers from the United States faced 504 error; when they tried to switch on this channel, a message pop up that shows the same. We noted the problem and searched various articles and details about it, and found that such a tech glitch is expected in the digital platform. It is a temporary problem that can be resolved.

You will be surprised that this error is showing on all platforms, whether in smartphones or TV applications. We also detected a similar issue in Roku TV where lots of customers discussed the same. But there is something that you can do and try to cover it. Please continue reading.

How to Fix the Error?

By engraving lots of information, we came to know about such tips that you can try to resolve Discovery Plus Error 504issue and depending on the platform you are watching it you can try the below solutions:

  • Web Browsers: If you are watching it on any web browser, no matter on PC or Laptop, then try to use a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox and delete the cache files and then revisit the site.
  • Android/iOS: If you are using any smartphone platform, then uninstall the application, clear all the history and cache files, and relaunched the application. You can also try to use VPN and change the server location.
  • Roku TV: For all those who are watching it on Roku TV, then try to find out whether there is any update message is showing or not? If not, then delete the application and reinstall it, then re-open the app.
  • Fire Stick: For Firestick users who are getting Error 504they can press the home button and go to the settings> go to Applications> Discovery +> Clear Cache memory>Uninstall. Then re-install the application for a fresh restart; it will refresh the application.


From the above solutions, we hope that all the users who are facing Discovery Plus Error 504 can get resolved the issue and can again enjoy the entertainment. Meanwhile, you can also send us your views and suggestions in the comments box below.

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