Defend Your Ballot. Com (Oct 2020) Be A Volunteer!

Defend Your Ballot. Com
Defend Your Ballot. Com (Oct 2020) Be A Volunteer! >> This article will talk about a website looking for volunteers to be a part of the Trump campaign.

Are you all geared up for the 2020 elections? If you are a Donald Trump supporter and would like to be a part of the team assisting him to on the election day, read on as we tell you all about one such initiative. A website called Defend Your Ballot. Comclaims to be looking for an army in support of President Donald Trump.

As the elections are nearing in the United States, people are all set to support and get their candidate through to the finish line. Amidst all this, a team of people are looking for volunteers to be a part of the Trump team. We will tell you all about the website and how you can register and become a part of the group if you wish to.

What is Defend Your Ballot. Com?

The website seems like an effort to intimidate voters. Trump Jr has requested people to keep a close watch on the polls, and he expects foul play from the Democrats. Defend Your Ballot. Comis an attempt to collect a so-called “Army” of supporters who will watch the election campaign.

The United States 2020 elections have the attention of the entire world. If you register, you will be expected to assist the Donald Trump team on the election’s day. This is to ensure maximum voter turnout, and as the trump supporters feel, it is also a way to keep a watch on democrats.

How do you become a part?

Head to Defend Your Ballot. Com. You will have to submit your personal details, and then you will be guided through the next set of steps that you need to follow to become a part of the team. As a volunteer, you can take part in one of the following:

  • Knock on Doors

If you are a part of this team, you will be directly interacting with the voters. You will talk to them and persuade them to vote for Donald Trump.

  • Be a Digital Activist

Using your network on social media, you will promote Trump’s accomplishments to your people.

  • Make calls on Trump talk

A phone calling tool, Trump talk, lets you interact with voters on a phone call. You can talk to potential voters and convince them to vote for Trump. This is especially useful to interact with voters who stay in rural areas or in other gated societies where there is no direct contact with them.

Final Views

Voting is an essential duty of every citizen. You should cast your vote and make a deserving candidate win. Defend Your Ballot. Comis an initiative by Trump’s supporters to persuade people to vote for him. It doesn’t seem very comforting when you call it an army. However, people should cast their votes depending on who they think has the country’s best interest.

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  1. I’m seeking to become a poll watcher
    I have lived in Duval County for over decade
    I voted for Trump in 2016 and plan to do it again
    I was told I need to fill out two forms that are basically the same
    However, I have not found them on the Defend Your Ballot website.

    Phone 904 863 5030

  2. Trump your a fake politician. You never learned how to be respectful or responsible. Your Brother was ashamed of you and you sister deplores you. Look in the mirror you fruitcake, its YOUR doing . You will lose this upcoming election and should step the fuck aside BOZO!! LOL

  3. Did you know you spelled “sign” up incorrectly? You said sing. I don’t think your “army” will be very successful when you can’t even get your recruitment poster right!


  4. Your family should all go to jail – karma is a bitch!
    You are despicable & disguting people ..don’t even worry about your young children’s future!
    Praying every day that the pain you guys have cause to so many that you will get it all back!
    And I am white but not white trash!And tell your father DT to fire his make-up/hair dresser looks like a dork…ops.. he is a dork & an embarrassment to the US all around the world!
    Oh yeah…Putin’s puppet!!

  5. This is ridiculous. Democrats only wish to practice what is every American’s privilege, the right to vote for their choice for all elected officials, including the president. We deserve to vote at the polls without the intrusion of “poll watchers” spying on us as we vote to make sure we are not in some way cheating. This is the poll workers job, they don’t need your help.

  6. Hello
    I thought the narrator should have been an Amazing Awesome American.

    I was very greatly disappointed with her most horrible shameless accent.

    I still do want to volunteer.

  7. I wish a dump supporter would come to my door, call me, or try tin intimidate me when i go to the polls to vote!!!!

    VOTE BLUE!!!

  8. Isn’t persuading a person to vote for a certain person illegal? If it isn’t, it should be! Shame on you for suggesting it.

  9. I have a lot of experence being a poll challenge. in 2008 I went to then called Cobo Hall in Detroit where absentee ballots get counted.
    My husband & I would be willing to do that again.

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