Decoheal Toothbrush Reviews {2020} Read Before Order

Decoheal Toothbrush Reviews {2020} Read Before Order

Decoheal Toothbrush Reviews {2020} Read Before Order -> In this article, you read the review of an electric toothbrush and its benefits.

Are you tired of using your old traditional toothbrush? Try the new electric Decoheal Toothbrush.

Decoheal Toothbrush Reviews are currently trending in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. People love the new electric toothbrush and have expressed their satisfaction with it.

With the day-to-day advancement in technology, companies are coming up with many new appliances and gadgets that have served multiple benefits to the customers. But are all of these appliances and devices a need for humans? Or are they a way to earn money by fooling people? Is Decoheal Scam? Or is it a genuine company? Let’s find out.

What is Decoheal Toothbrush?

Deco Heal Toothbrush is an electric toothbrush that does not need to be brushed in the mouth like traditional ones. It would be best if you placed it in your mouth, and it will automatically start cleaning the teeth. It is designed in U-shape to fit it in the mouth easily. Is Decoheal Legit? This question is on the mind of many of the customers. This article will help you conclude.

It quickly cleans the out and inner sections of your teeth effectively. It does not require a human hand movement for the cleaning process. The material used in the making of this toothbrush is safe for humankind.

How to use Decoheal Toothbrush?

Using an electric toothbrush might seem like a task, but it is effortless.

After you unbox your package, put the toothbrush on charge so that the battery does not die in between. Follow the below-mentioned steps to start using the electric toothbrush.

Step 1- Apply the toothpaste that you receive in the kit along with the addition of a few drops of water on it.

Step 2- Put the electric toothbrush on your teeth in such a manner that ir properly gets fixed on your teeth.

Step 3- Switch on the power button available on the device. This will start the brush, and thus your cleaning process will begin.

Step 4- Placed it this way, let it clean your teeth from about 45 seconds to 2 minutes.

Step 5- After you are done with cleaning your teeth, wash the brush with water and then, after patting it dry, place it safely on the tray available in the kit.

Specifications of Decoheal Toothbrush:

  • The package contains one U-shaped disc used as a brush, a cable, a user manual, and a tray to place the brush into.
  • It is made up of Silicone+ABS material
  • Charging time- 3 hours
  • Run time- 15 hours
  • It has intelligent timer and memory
  • The battery indicator light is available
  • Colors available- Pink, white, blue, black
  • Clean time- 45 seconds (90 min charge)
  • Vibration frequency- 5000-15000/min
  • Modes- Whitening mode, soft cleaning mode, strong cleaning mode, gum massage mode
  • Processing time- 1-3 days
  • Delivery time- 7-14 days
  • Refund- 15 days

Is Decoheal Toothbrush worth the buy?

For anyone who wants to try the latest technology or is tired of using old traditional toothbrushes can try this product. The toothbrush will help your gums feel better as the toothbrush gives an excellent massage to your gums.

As the price is affordable in comparison to other online sellers, it can be a safe buy. There is not a lot of risk to your payment, even if you do not like the product. And the website is anyway providing satisfaction guarantee to its customers.

If you like trying new products and you do not mind spending money with risk, then you can surely go ahead with your purchase. Because it gives four modes via a single device, we can say that it is a great deal.

Benefits of buying Decoheal Toothbrush:

  • It gives a good gum massage along with teeth cleaning
  • It provides 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Cleanses your mouth effectively with its 360-degree angle technology
  • It does not need to be charged more often
  • It is compact and hence portable
  • The toothbrush is priced at affordable rates
  • Available for all age groups

Where does Decoheal Toothbrush lack?

  • Only PayPal and credit card payments are accepted
  • Delivery and refund takes a lot of time
  • As the price is low, quality may have been compromised

Are customers satisfied with the electric toothbrush?

If you visit the official website of Decoheal, then you will see many customer reviews. Almost all of the reviews mentioned there speak a positive side of this electric toothbrush.

Though some of the customers are not happy with the refund policy or with the quality of the product, some buyers have ordered this toothbrush for their entire family. There is no doubt that all of us have different views towards a particular thing, and similarly, online sites and their products get various reviews from different people.

Customers have mentioned that they received their orders in a given amount of time, and they are delighted with what they have received. A few of the customers have complaints that they never got their refund even after 2-3 months of contacting customer support.

Final Verdict

How exciting is this electric toothbrush? Using it means that you do not need to keep moving your toothbrush in your mouth. You can place it, keep it in for some time and let it do its work.

But are these toothbrushes effective? Doctors and medical experts say that it is always a better idea to use our old traditional toothbrushes only. Yet, there are a few people who are in love with this electric toothbrush. They are comfortable using it more than our traditional ones and say that they are more effective.

We would suggest you take a survey online and check if anyone in your network is already using it or has to say anything about this electric toothbrush. It is always a better idea to communicate about online products rather than directly buying them.

Have you ever tried an electric toothbrush? What do you think about it? Comment your thoughts below.

48 thoughts on “Decoheal Toothbrush Reviews {2020} Read Before Order

    1. I order 4 from this company on March 23rd and it is now May 12th and I still have not seen my order. I contacted them 2 times and the first time they said it was in transit which is exactly what it still says. I contacted them a second time and said I would like a refund and surprise surprise they have not contacted me back. I underatand shipping takes long right now with the pandemic going on but to me this company is ripping people off especially right now in these hard times. Terrible and shame on you!

    2. This is a scam. Do not buy. Fake tracking number. And won’t even answer emails. I ordered 2 and they never came. Company gave me a number for the shipping company but the number was for an entirely different country. Not even close to me. Not even a shipping company that exists in my country. SCAM

  1. I ordered one and it arrived broken after 3 weeks so I didn’t even get to use it, the charging lead is broken and it is not possible to use another with the damage done. I won’t be buying another.

    1. I tried cancelling an order within 5 mins of purchase and they told me they could not issue a refund as the item had already shipped! Since that day I have asked them what I needed to do to return the item if and when I received it (it’s been 1.5 months). They tell me oh the cost to send it back would be too high but here is an 8.00 coupon you can use on a future purchase. Um no.i dont want a coupon for a product you said shipped and I never received after a month! Dont buy from this company if you know what is best for you.

      1. I received my Decoheal toothbrush at the beginning of March. Within two weeks the toothbrush stopped charging altogether and no longer worked. I immediately contacted Decoheal to let them know the problem and they asked me to send photos and a video. IThen they sent me a message back saying they would only give me $3 as a refund and that they felt guilty for me. This product is a scam do not buy.

        1. I ordered March 15th 2020 and it is May 6th 2020 and I have still not received my package. When I track it it says in transit. I have contacted Decoheal and they tell me sometimes tracking does not get updated. I contacted them again last week asking to cancel my order and issue a refund and no one got back to me. Do not buy it is a scam.

      2. I had the exact same issue. I just received the product a few days ago and that was a month and a half after I had put in the order. It was my fault. I should have done my research before purchase. Now I’m stuck with 2 sonic brushes I don’t care for and I don’t even think it’s worth it to try to get a refund. I probably will just use it in addition to my traditional brush.

    1. Scam, poor quality…
      It doesn’t replace your traditional toothbrush…
      I bought 3 for all my family, arrived after 44 days, boxes where open, 2 chargers are not working…
      I’ve read reviews from real doctors and they are saying those are not cleaning plaque.
      Good only for massaging your gums maybe…
      It seems they are gonna fail after 1 week… from 3 just 2 of them are functional…
      DON’T BUY… multiple fake reviews!

  2. I made a mistake and ordered the child size toothbrush. I contacted decoheal and they told me that they changed it out for the adult size. That was a lie. I got the child sized toothbrush and it took me 2 months to get it. Amazon sells the same one and I ordered it a couple of weeks ago. I’ll get it tomorrow. I won’t order anything else from over seas if I can help it.

  3. I have been emailing for almost months after I ordered your product over 2 months ago and never received item and no response to any of my emails. I see there are many others people that you have stolen money from as well. I will be reporting you and I want my refund of $35 ASAP!!!

  4. DO NOT BUY!!!!. Ordered mine nearly 3 months ago and I still am yet to receive it. Communication is horrendous. Will not refund. Run a mile.

  5. Do not waste your money.
    It doesnt clean your teeth at all.
    Looks like a good product but the mouth guard part doesnt reach to my gums. It vibrates but when you take it out, the toothpaste is in the same place as when i started. My teeth did not feel clean at all. Very poor as this is false advertising as it just doesn’t brush your teeth.

  6. I ordered 3 and only got 2. The 2 I have don’t work as advertised. One doesn’t even hold a charge. I used Paypal to have some customer protection. Paypal has instructed me to file a complaint with US law enforcement in order for the claim to continue. They (Paypal) wants the equivalent of a signed and stamped document from a governmental agency in 10 days or the claim will likely be decided for the dishonest seller. I placed the order in March. Still dealing with the run around 8 months later. Just don’t buy.

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