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Day1club.Spotify Com (August 2020) Let Us Know More!

Day1club.Spotify Com 2020

Day1club.Spotify Com (August 2020) Let Us Know More! >> This article is having information about a digital hip-hop event taking place on the fifth anniversary of Rap Caviar.

We all love listening to music; it is like a meditation for someone, a medicine to enjoy. You will also find such people who listen to music during sleep, and few listen to music while studying. There are several ways people are connected with the music; for all those music lovers, Spotify is asking them to visit day1club.spotify com.

As we all know, Spotify is one of the best online music platforms in the United States, which offers people to listen to all the latest, old, and different genres of music. All though it has paid and unpaid version where a customer can explore more in the paid version of the Spotify.

About Day 1 Club

day1club.spotify com is the new scheme launched by the Spotify for all the music lovers of the where you will get an opportunity to trend yourself. You can get to know about which was the first rap song you listened, about their details and the song you played for the first time and all.

It also gives a chance to play trivia where all the participants or music lovers from the United States will be judged about their knowledge for the music. Overall it is a fun program by which people will connect one platform for fun purposes. You will also get the information about your ideal rapper and their untold exciting stories.

For all this, you have to visit the day1club.spotify com of the Spotify where you will be asked to register yourself. No need to provide any Credit card. Put your email id, details, or you can even signup via your social media account.

Spotify celebrating its 5th Anniversary of Rap Caviar Playlist

Spotify launched this session on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of Rap Caviar. For more info you have to visit day1club.spotify com. A feature added in this section is that a listener can get Diamond, Gold and Platinum level status by which type’s song they are listening from day one, and following their favourite artist.

It is a small section launched by Spotify where a music lover can express their interest in what they are listening to and since from when they are following their favourite rapper. It will display on their profile and also rank among millions of Spotify users; you might know when your beloved singer spot you about this.


As per the information available on the internet, it is a great platform to get famous and spot the artist’s eye. This platform gives you a chance to show your interest and love towards the particular music and artists. It will also give you an opportunity to get three levels of badges, in which Platinum is the lead one.

So, if you ever try this platform or want to share your experience with likes and is dislikes about it. Then please, you can share it with us in the comment section below.

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