Crown Tundra New Clothes (Oct) New Outfits In Crown Tundra

Crown Tundra New Clothes (Oct) New Outfits In Crown Tundra

Crown Tundra New Clothes (Oct) New Outfits In Crown Tundra >> It is the post to help players know about the new clothing items and how to get them in the game.

The Crown Tundra is the 2nd DLC expansion from Pokemon Sword and Shield. The second expansion involves the gameplay around the theme of exploration. Based on the new realm of the game, players would discover a new mountainous and snowy region. The more exciting part of the new expansion is the new clothes and uniforms for the characters. There are many new clothing and uniforms available in the DLC Expansion, and players can get Crown Tundra New Clothes by playing the main story.      

The game gives you access to strange environments, temples, and new Pokemon with other exciting features. Players will be appointed as the exploration team leader, and the team will go on new adventures. 

The Worldwide players are now attracted to the new line-up of clothing available in the new DLC expansion. They can obtain the clothing by completing the new challenges, playing the main story, and capturing the new Pokemon. 

What are the Crown Tundra New Clothes?

The new uniform and items in the Crown Tundra expansion are for the in-game characters, and players can unlock them to decorate their characters for the adventures. The developer has launched many new clothing items for the game, which are easy to unlock by playing the game, capturing the Pokemon, and completing the available challenges. 

The Crown Tundra New Clothes are available for the players who are already playing the DLC expansions. It is for all players from Worldwide who want to enjoy playing the game with new uniforms and clothing items.   

What are the New Clothing Items?

  • Boat Neck Sweatshirt – The new clothing item gives the player a cinch of Freezington when entering the town for the first time.
  • Expedition Uniform – The new clothing gives the players by peony after joining the adventure team and starts the DLC’s main story.
  • Gold Expedition Uniform – It is the uniform that gives peony after complete the Legendary clue quests.         
  • Sports Uniform – Players have to complete the Galarian Star Tournament to get this new clothing in the game.
  • CXL Ensemble – It is the fashionable clothing item that players get after completing the Galarian Star Tournament. 
  • Legendary RE Hoodie – It is another designer clothing for the players that are unlocked after capturing the Regidrago and Regieleki 
  • Hex Nut Sport Cap – Apart from the Crown Tundra New Clothes, there are also accessories to unlock in the game. It is the accessory for the players that are unlocked after capturing the Meltan 
  • Futuristic Shades – It is randomly given to the players by Peonia in Max Lair after uttering for multiple times
  • Replica State Crown – It is also an accessory in the game provided after completing the Crown Tundra Pokedex. 


There are different challenges, quests, and main stories that players need to complete to get new clothing items. No other ways are there to get these in-game uniforms. 

Players need to follow the rules and play the game accordingly to unlock these new items and Crown Tundra New Clothes.   

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