Crewlink Voice Server (Dec) Highest Fan Based Game

Crewlink Voice Server (Dec) Highest Fan Based Game

Crewlink Voice Server (Dec) Highest Fan Based Game -> This article is an informative word piece that allows the customer to make an informed decision.

Crewlink Voice Server is the latest update in the ever-increasing fan base of a multiplayer game called “Among Us”. This latest version is the proximity chat mode that allows the players to communicate with other players that are nearby to them. 

A Few Lines about Crewlink Voice Server                                                         

This social deduction game called “Among Us” was developed and released by United States game developer Innersloth which was released on June 15, 2018.

“Among Us” is one of the most popular multiplayer games that continues to gear up the fun aspect of the game.

What are the features of this server:

  • It is Just a click required to start communicating with the fellow players.
  • Live Chat
  • Free creation of your public or private channels
  • Follow players and maintain your list of followers too.
  • Enables you to voice chat with your friends.

How can you use the services?

There is no Crewlink Voice Server proximity chat option in Among Us just yet, but here is an essential action guideline which will enable you to use it. It can only be done on a community mod that Inner sloth has not created, but it fits perfectly with the game.

Just go over to Crewlink and install the latest application. Choose the most current iteration about an application that might have written the phrase ‘Latest’ anywhere near its name.

Run the software and instal the application, choose the settings, and choose the output system of your microphone and speaker. 

You can choose between a push-to-talk and voice activity. Voice activity is recommended here because the Crewlink Voice Server proximity chat fits very well for it. 

You should delegate individual keys to disorient your communications and push-to-talk if you wish to use them.

Is this server Safe?

This Crewlink Voice Server application that you need to play with the latest Mode will get you an antivirus warning, ignore it since the software is secure. You’re free to go until you’ve installed it. For ease of entry, we suggest watching the brief introductory videos available online.

Thus this app is safe for all the devices (Windows 10, IOS, Android). You can easily download it from the playstore.

Customer Reviews of this server

The customers are moaning about the error they face after installing the software. Few complaints from the United States are like they can’t hear anything even after they’ve allowed any configuration needed to download it. 

This error is not for a few consumers; a mass of players faces the error.


Since this app is for free, you can download this app and check for yourself whether the error persists or not. As the “Among Us” is a viral game, hence its creator will not keep the customers unheard.

This unbiased article will help to gain a perspective for the readers. Hence this article does not promote anyone and tries to demean any product as well. In the interest of keen readers, an honest review is shown. Write to us if you have concerns on such scams in the comment section.

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