Cozyball Reviews (July) Is This an Online Scam Site?

Cozyball Reviews (July) Is This an Online Scam Site?

Cozyball Reviews (July) Is This is a Scam or Not? >> In this article, you read about a website focusing on the high-end beanbags and related products for your home.

Online shopping has created an addiction to convenience at its best. There is no doubt that you can shop from whichever place you are, from your office, home, while waiting in the car, etc. But one must always question the legitimacy of the website. We have mentioned all the Cozyball Reviews. You can easily choose the best products online by saving your time and energy after reading this review.

End to the number of waiting for alarms for the Saturdays to visit the nearby mall. E-commerce has been a blessing in everyone’s life! However, you can easily find a zillion product online. You must invest in a trustworthy online store. Well, let’s face it can be an addiction as well to shop from the online stores of the United States.

Cozyball Reviews will give you a better insight into whether you should make your final payments or not. Give this one a read!

What is

Cozyball is one of the finest and the most dedicated brands which produce high-quality materials in beanbags. They also vouch for a supreme quality that can beautify the place. All the designs have been carefully manufactured with precision. All of them have picked by the world-class design team that uses high-end materials.

To get more detailed information, you can refer to the specifications of the following website. Our Cozyball Reviews will help you answer all your queries!

Specifications of

  • Website type: E-commerce website 
  • Delivery time: Depending upon your location
  • Shipping time: 5-35 days
  • Shipping cost: No details found
  • Return: Applicable within 30 days
  • Refund: 50% within the first 24 hours after placing the order.
  • Exchange: 30 days
  • Order cancellation: No details found
  • Company Address: Not specified
  • Contact number: Not mentioned
  • Email address:
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal
  • SSL certification: Yes

Benefits of

  • Website is easily accessible.
  • Premium quality products are available on the website. 
  • SSL certification
  • Detailed description of all the products along with clear pictures.

Cons of

  • Single payment gateway.
  • Snare social media presence
  • No precise contact information found.
  • No reviews or ratings found on the website.
  • Items present on sale cannot be refunded.
  • The website is white fresh, and we cannot make a judgment right now.

Is a scam

Finally, the much-awaited answer is here. But before answering, we need to break this into minor segments to better understand the criteria of the legitimacy. The website has come into operation from 7th July 2020 onwards. It is quite fresh for trusting any e-commerce website to shop!

This company has not shared any significant address, contact number, or order cancellation policies. In addition to this, the social media channels that are displayed on the website will take you to another profile and account. 

All the information provided on the website seems to be copied from different websites. Hence, we can now confirm that this website is a scam and cannot be trusted for online shopping.

Customer reviews:

We have not found any Cozyball Reviews on the web page. At the same time, customers seem to give no satisfactory answers. Some of them found online are thus mentioned below. 

Customers have mentioned that they didn’t find the products worth the money and that the same can be found on other sites at lower prices.

This website continues to deal with plagiarised products. It claims to produce high-end quality, but on the contrary, they compromise with quality measures.

Also, they have mentioned their delivery time as 15 to 35 days, depending upon the location. As per our research, there are not enough ratings by the customers so far.

Final verdict:

After reading the tips and tricks mentioned above, we would not consider anybody shopping from this fraudulent website. There is no security given on any of the purchases made from this website. Also, this website is not secured with the HTTP:// URL. 

The beautiful pictures might seem tempting enough to add to the cart right away. But do not forget and knock some common sense before you practically evaluate. 

After reviewing and researching this website, we can say that it is a scam and is here to loot the customers. This website raises many questions and second thoughts in the buyer’s mind, so stay woke!

I hope these tips help with your next purchase. What do you think about the same? Please share your thoughts down below.

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