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Cotosen Reviews (Mar 2021) Online Scam Or Not?


Cotosen Reviews (Mar 2021) Online Scam Or Not? >> Do you want to buy some tactical clothing online? Then, check out the website here to find its legitimacy first.

Are you looking for flash sales and hot sales online for tactical fashion clothing? Do you want to upgrade your wardrobe with the latest fashion while being on a budget? Visit the leading online store, Cotosen, that blends fashion with function and comfort with convenience. Order anything above $99 and get free shipping worldwide.  

It is the leading online store where you can buy Christmas special gifts, tactical style fashion, and footwear and fashion accessories. The store is dedicated to offering the widest collection of fashion apparel and bottom wear.Buyers even get quality mountaineering, climbing, and hiking products in the store. Check out the Cotosen Reviews for more information.    

What is Cotosen? is the leading online store for fashion clothing and mountaineering products and accessories. It is the online portal specializing in tactical, outdoor clothing and accessories that are shipped worldwide.  The website has the largest range of extensive line of performance equipment, apparel, footwear, and accessories for people from all backgrounds. The website focuses on pushing all the limits of innovation so that customers can push their limits of exploration. 

Cotosen takes pride in being the first choice of veteran climbers, extreme skiers, mountaineers, explorers, and endurance runners. The leading ecommerce portal is focused on delivering the unique designs of outdoor and tactical gears and clothing. 

Everything from camping clothing to hiking equipment, trail runners and footwear to down parkas and even fleece jackets and accessories, the website has the widest range of clothing for your hiking and mountaineering needs. Check out the online Cotosen Reviews to learn more about the leading online store.   


  • Website URL –
  • Products – Performance Apparel, footwear, equipment, and tactical gears
  • Email Support –
  • Payment Modes – PayPal payments, credit card, debit cards, and bank account balance
  • Shipping and Delivery – All orders of $99 are eligible for free shipping. The estimated time for shipment delivery varies from region to region, and orders are usually delivered between 5 and 15 days. The shipment processing time is 5-7 days. The maximum time for delivering a product is 15 days, and it may extend depending upon the destination.    
  • Refund & Return Policy – All orders are eligible for a 30-day return policy. Online buyers can return the product if they are not satisfied with the purchase. Customers have to write at the email support to raise a return request. The return requests are processed in 5 working days, and after receiving the product, the refund is processed, and it is credited into the wallet in a few working days. 
  • Address – Not Mentioned
  • Social Presence – Not Mentioned  

Pros of Cotosen

  • Various tactical, mountaineering, and high-quality hiking products
  • Over 140,000 products in stock
  • Products from best outdoor brands
  • Free delivery of the products over $99
  • 2-year warranty of tactical products
  • A 30-days return policy
  • Hot sale, flash sale, and Christmas sale for consumers 

Cons of Cotosen

  • The domain is now only four months old
  • Mixed Cotosen Reviews available online
  • Shipping is longer, and issues in delivery
  • The website is not very popular, and the trust score is average  

Is Cotosen Legit or Scam?

Any website’s legitimacy is evaluated based on the reviews it has received, the product quality it delivers, and other factors. After evaluating, we have noticed that the site’s domain is only four months old, and it is not a good sign. Besides, the website has received mixed reviews from customers, and it has delivery issues. So, all these factors indicate a bad sign about the website. Legitimacy is not confirmed yet.

Consumers must research the website and check for more unbiased Cotosen Reviews to make a wise decision. The website is new and claims to offer quality products. But, without verifying the details and researching, you must never prefer to do business with the website.

Cotosen Reviews from Customers

As mentioned, after evaluating the website deeply, we have found some reviews from consumers. The website has received mixed reviews from consumers. The consumers have praised a majority of the products sold by the online store. Consumers are satisfied with the quality and performance of the products. 

However, the website has an issue with the delivery system, and it takes too long to deliver the products to the buyers. So, it has received negative feedback for its longer duration of delivery. It is suggested that buyers must do research online and look for more Cotosen Reviews to make the right choice

Conclusion is the leading online store for mountaineering, tactical and performance products, and gears. However, the website is new and lacks in garnering reviews from the consumers. 

You must research and find some unbiased reviews about the website before doing business on it. Consumers praise the products for their quality and performance. The website is new, and it calls for deep research before doing business with the website. Write down your thoughts in the comment section below. 


  1. Cotosen is a Chinese merchant. If you are even slightly experienced with them then you know what to expect. I ordered an XL jacket using the sizing chart which expressed American measurements/sizing. Although labeled XL it was the size of an American medium and not even close to fitting me. I am returning it but Cotosen refuses to pay return shipping and wanted me to give the jacket away and buy another. Since I have no idea what the sizes really are I’m not sure how to re-order. They also wanted me to return the jacket to China rather than the California return address on the package, which isn’t happening, and says they will not accept returns made via Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc!! The typical Chinese business model seems to be if there’s a problem at the merchant’s end it’s the customers fault or responsibility and not the merchant. I’ve about had it with any Chinese companies.

  2. третий день заказ в обработке.. проверил отзывы.. основная масса говорит, что это кидалово.. отменил заказ, прислали письмо, что неделю будут обрабатывать возврат денег.. какие еще аргументы нужны, что это кидалово?

    3 days processing order.. checked replies.. main part of them are sure of scam.. cancelled my order, received email about 7 days of processing the return of money.. need more arguments, that’s scam?

  3. Ik bestelde drie zaken: een outdoorbroek, een trui en een riem. Na 14 dagen wachten werd me enkel de trui en de riem geleverd.
    Ik mailde dadelijk naar de service, maar geen antwoord. Na weer twee dagen nog steeds geen reactie. Ik heb echter wel voor die broek betaald.

  4. these sites are popping up every where i ordered over a hundred pounds worth of merchandice ;;and when it eventually arrived it was horrendus shoddy to say the least definately made by rouge traders in a sweat shop somewhere in china ;;looked like a veit cong guerilla ;;the supposed coat was like a well worn shirt ;;never again

  5. Already ordered. There is no place to make corrections on your order and no place to cancel. I am disappointed but should have checked it out.

  6. Yeah, a really poorly run company if legitimate at all. Acquired a few items that weren’t even close the size they should be. Tried to return but was first told no but they would give me a 43% discount to buy the “right size”. Based upon their sizing charts I had already bought the “right” size but they weren’t even close. After I told them no to the discount to buy more and they proposed they could refund me $44 or 30% of my total spend and would then deduct the shipping they originally incurred getting me my original order providing I shipped them back the products. Really, they are doing me a favor for being misled by them in the first place? Buying clothing over the web is hard enough without dealing with a clueless or illegitimate company. And to compound things, right after placing my order months ago, my credit card was hacked. I am talking about within 30 minutes. Some coincident. So much for dealing with Cotosen.

  7. Same thing here. Bought an XL Mens Jacket, and when it finally got here a month later, it will not even fit a child of 10-12 years of age. They wanted me to buy another jacket, and did not even offer to refund or replace. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM in my opinion

  8. I was tempted to order a leather coat from Cotosen for a great price of $79. In the pix it looks great. But after reading the reviews I think I’ll go to a local store, pay more, but be assured that the item will fit me.
    Also, I ordered a coat from a different company, supposedly from Germany. It took about five months to finally arrive and after multiple emails.
    Oric is the company name so beware if ordering from them.
    The coat I received was not made in Germany as advertised but came from China. My size is XL but what I received was closer to Medium and really low quality.
    As others have said, Oric would not accept returns but offered a 50% refund and suggested I donate the item. It has been 45 day since the 50% refund offer was made but I’ve received nothing. Stung once, I will not be ordering clothing from online only stores again

  9. Deceptive marketing, and return policy; poor, ill-fitting products, cheap materials, the worst possible customer service, or rather, total lack of customer service, the list is endless.
    As another reviewer has stated, returns are impossible. Products are shipped from US. addresses, but must be returned to an address in China, to which, shipping, if you can find someone who ships to China, is more costly than the purchase price of the items, and with no assurance of receiving a refund; throwing money away.
    I, as with another reviewer, ordered products in size XL, products received were marked XL, however were so small I couldn’t get them on.
    A company to be avoided.
    As a side note; they only accept payment through PayPal, and PayPal will be of NO HELP in aiding to resolve a dispute.
    A scam company.

  10. Cotosen didn’t even send my full order, around $125 worth of merchandise. 2 shirts, a jacket and a pair of pants. The shirt I did receive wasn’t even the 3rd shirt that I ordered. The boots I ordered were listed as Oversize 44-48 and Men’s Tactical but what I received looks more like Halloween costume boots for a 7 year old.

    My Cotosen review?
    About $125 worth of unshipped merchandise. (Theft to speak plainly.)
    $78.19 worth of incorrect merchandise.

    Oh, and the email I just tried to send them regarding the issue was redirected back to my email. This was me REPLYING to an email from them.

    $200 down the drain. Fraud and Scam.

  11. I ordered for $175 of merchandise 1sr week of Dec, I got half of it 2 months later and still didn’t get the other half, as you can imagine I didn’t get the mosy expensive items. This company is a scam and I would recommend highly to don’t buy from them.

  12. I ordered 5 shirts and a ball cap and paid by credit card, and after about 3+ weeks I received 3 shirts. The quality was t-shirts that were as thin as coffee filters and one was not even completely sewn. I contacted Cotosen for a refund and was told if I did not like the quality to give them to someone else. I continued to contact them telling them that was a terrible way to conduct business. They gave me a address in China, and I told them ” How can I return for refund when they never shipped all the items I ordered”? I tried a telephone listed and a man told me he would get me a refund then used my credit card to buy gift cards and used fraudulent charges several times. STAY away from this place a big FRAUD and typical CHINESE ripoff artist. Buy at your own risk, clothing not even fit to be a good rag.

  13. S T A Y A W A Y from this merchant.

    I ordered 6 items (2/5/21) received one item (way too small, shitty quality, not the displayed item, stinky, 95% polyester). Cancelled transaction, CC company gave me my money back but then reversed it after COTOSEN supplied them with my shipment tracking number.

    B I G S C A M!

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