Comfyshop UK com Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Comfyshop UK com Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Comfyshop UK com Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Legit Or A Scam? >> This article will let you know about an online store that claims to sell giant ben bags at a massively discounted price.

Comfyshop UK com Reviews: Are you looking for a comfortable giant bean bag for your living room or bedroom area? We have got you an online store which can resolve your problem.

Bean bags are the premium chairs that are fun and comfortable. Bean bags are used as a portable chair that can be taken anywhere in the home and be used as a comfortable chair to eat or have fun upon.

However, it is very difficult to select one bean bag, as many bean bags are sold online and offline. But, today, this review is here to solve your problem of choosing bean bags for your home.

This online store sells its bean bag across the United Kingdom and other countries of the world. Please stay till the last word of this review to understand this store’s legitimacy and the other pros and cons.

What is

Comfyshop-uk is an online store that deals in giant bean bags that, too, at a very affordable price range.

If you are searching for large comfortable bean bags at a great price, then this online store can be your one-stop solution for your need. You can discover new large and giant bean bags at huge discounts on this website. This store is providing free premium & safe delivery of these bean bags across the United Kingdom.

This giant bean bag treats the whole family as equal as anyone from the family can enjoy his or her T.V shows and movies on these giant bean bags. The best part of purchasing this giant bean bags from this website is you can always return this product within 14 days of receipt.

Please stay tuned with us to know more about Comfyshop UK com Reviews.


  • Product – Giant bean bags
  • Website –
  • Contact – Not available.
  • Email –
  • Delivery time – 12-15 business days.
  • Delivery charges – Free shipping & delivery.
  • Return/Exchange – within 30 days.
  • Refunds – within 14 days.
  • Mode of payment – Accepts all major credit cards.

Pros of

  • Most premium variety of giant bean bags.
  • Exclusive discounts are available.
  • Stocks available.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • Hassle-free 30 days returns policy.
  • Machine washable.
  • 99.8% satisfied customer base.
  • The customer reviews are available.
  • Order tracking facility available.
  • Secure payment gateway.

Cons of

  • No contact information such as contact number and physical address available.
  • Only positive reviews are available.
  • No social media presence.
  • Prices are too low hence cannot be trusted.

Is Worth?

According to Comfyshop UK com Reviews, our research has found various red flags about this website.

The first thing is this store doesn’t have any social media presence, and apart from social media, this website hasn’t disclosed its contact number and address details.

Both pieces of information play a major role in choosing a trustworthy store. Potential customers willing to buy these giant bean bags from this website cannot trust this store as there is no contact or social media presence.

Lastly, we want to tell you that if you plan to buy some bean bags from this website, then hold on and research this website because, according to our review, this site is not genuine.

Customer Reviews of

If you visit this website, you will find plenty of customer reviews that say that this website is legit, but this is only one side of the story.

Some of the customers on the website has said that – My back used to hurt me regularly, but since I bought this bean bag from this online store, my back didn’t hurt for once.

According to our Comfyshop UK com Reviews, all the reviews available on the website are fake and are paid reviews to attract and grab potential customers’ attention. Moreover, this website is just six days old, so the availability of such a large number of positive reviews create suspicion.

Final Verdict

Our last word for this store is this store can be a scam and there is a high possibility that it is not legit.

We are labeling this website as possibly a scam website because we haven’t found any customer reviews over the internet and the domain age of this store is very new to be trusted. Although this website did everything to look decent, as an unbiased reviewer, we have to tell you that do your research before heading for any purchase on this website.

Please do read Comfyshop UK com Reviews and drop your valuable thoughts in the comment section below.

0 thoughts on “Comfyshop UK com Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Legit Or A Scam?

  1. I mad a purchase today. I have not recieved a confirmation email or order code. I contacted them using the site emsil about this. I recieved an email in return but this was in French. I managed to translate it & it said my query will be looked into. If this is not a legit site, how do get a refund if no item ordered is recieved? And how do I report them & to who?

    1. I ordered a large bean bag at the beginning of October, I had a small parcel delivered yesterday which was just a very small bean bag cover. I thought it was a joke and maybe my delivery is still on the way. I have emailed them so just waiting on a reply

      1. Hi we ordered a giant beanbag in October and just received a small beanbag cover of not good quality.
        How do we get a refund does anyone know.

      2. I have had the same happen to me today, absolutely fuming…… my bean bag is not even in the material stated & if it’s supposed to fit 2 people, they would have to be VERY VERY small!!
        Did you get any response?

  2. I just recieved mine from china even though said london uk, what a joke paid 30.00 for a hard cover no bean bag at all no comfy soft cover either and they want me to pay for return postage to china, its a fake site clearly stay well clear!!

    1. I ordered what I thought was a filled large fluffy sac and paid £29.99 . When I received it over a month later it was tiny with no filling and rough cotton feeling. Not at all fluffy!! Can’t send them an email as it just gets sent straight back. Would love a contact number . Beware and don’t buy from these

  3. This is a scam I ordered one and received an empty small material bean ban that would not fit a child on it and not a bit if fluff in site and it was an empty case I’m currently trying to get my money back as it’s not what they say they are selling. Steer clear of this website

    1. Did you manage to get your money back? Disgraceful scam, mine to arrived today small enough cover for a 2yrs old child! Emails all returned. If you had success in a refund please share.

    2. Hey, we got 2 delivered today, fit for a super small dog.
      I’m in the mist of contacting trading standards.
      I do know for sure that our banks we paid with should be able to refund our money because of the trading standards banking insurance. It’s called a credit indemnity, the bank will say or deny it’s such a thing, but you need to be firm with them, they just don’t want to raise the paperwork, but yes we will get our money back.
      Re this scam we all need to right to the trading standards… good luck everyone x

  4. I placed an order from this site after seeing a sale advert for one of their giant beanbags. One month later something did arrive- a small outer casing for a beanbag, no filling and not anywhere close to the size it’s supposed to be. I went back to the email confirmation with the order details and sent them a compliant email- but the email bounced back. I also looked up their website to find that the server is down- so it’s not looking legit!

  5. Can I ask you wear the filling is for the bean bags plz cause if I have paid you 90 pounds for the things that have come today this is disappointing  and not the ones i order 

    This is a disgrace how you can rip people off like thus

    1. Hey, we got 2 delivered today, fit for a super small dog.
      I’m in the mist of contacting trading standards.
      I do know for sure that our banks we paid with should be able to refund our money because of the trading standards banking insurance. It’s called a credit indemnity, the bank will say or deny it’s such a thing, but you need to be firm with them, they just don’t want to raise the paperwork, but yes we will get our money back.
      Re this scam we all need to right to the trading standards… good luck everyone x

    2. My daughter has had the same thing! It arrived yesterday, just a cover! She emailed and it bounced back. What a disgusting company, especially with all this going on. I am not going to let this go..

  6. Ordered from them after reading their reviews. I did get a bag , ordered blue large and got black , small one.
    NO FILLINGS for the bag. Can’t contact them either. What a con £29.99 down the drain…

  7. Its a scam. I ordered two beanbags. Delivery was ridiculous and comes from China. Then I receive two bean bag cases that look nothing like the product I have ordered! Then all the site has disappeared and the email bounces back so can’t even chase a refund!!

  8. Yes it is a scam , and they say online shopping is suppose to be trusted
    I got this as a gift now im fuming and feel an idiot i let them down and you cant even claim money back scam,scam,scam

  9. TOTAL SCAM. I have waited 24 days for this pathetic item to arrive from China even though the website states they are based in London and that parcels are sent within 2 to 3 days. The only thing that resembles the website pictures is the colour. I would be surprised if when filled it could accommodate 1 person let alone 2. To give you an idea, the size the package came was a bag 10 inches long and 10 inches wide. When opened out the length of the so called bean bag is roughly around 32 inches and width is roughly 34 inches. The material does not resemble the website at all it is a coarse, thick cotton type material, can’t tell you exactly what type of material as there are no labels anywhere on the product. My own fault wanting something for nothing I should have known better. I have emailed the company but am not holding my breath for any sort of response. I just hope by posting this I can stop somebody else wasting their money.

  10. Latest update on these scam artists. Email sent regarding shoddy merchandise. Sent through shop website as it will not accept emails through Gmail/Hotmail. I have now received bounce backs advising address not found. What a surprise NOT.

  11. Got my order today, what a joke! look nothing like what was advertised, there a grey hard material with NO FILLING, fuming as they were a Christmas present! Sent emails which are not sending, looks like the dog will be getting a new bed (once I’ve brought the filling ?) scam don’t buy from them!!!!

  12. Yep, been scammed too. Checked the tracking only to see the tracking information said returned to sender. £29.99 down the drain. The high almighty GOD will take care of them. When you see things happening to some people and their families they say why me, is because their families are doing bad stuff to other innocent people. GOD is watching.

  13. same as all the above comment got the smallest beanbag not fluffy at all and the bag was empty! i did contact them via there form but after reading these i dont have much hope of getting a refund

  14. What an absolute scam. How do people get away with this. I too paid £30 only to receive a tiny bean bag cover worth no more than £5. Emails failed to send etc
    Where do we stand with reporting this?

    1. sir or madam
      I have just received my so called bean bag for 30 pounds
      This is what I received
      Just a bean bag cover .
      Please can you refund my £29.99 back into my account as this is definitely not what I ordered.
      If this is not rectified in 7 days .
      I shall be taking this further
      A very disgruntled customer
      Richard curry .

  15. This was ment to be my Xmas present and I got a small black case not blue not fluffy and not large and no insides good job i payed 30 and not the original price

  16. Someone is laughing at us..

    I came and received mine today. Wasn’t what I expected, there more like child’s ones..I was hoping that they be big ones and I mean where do I get the filling from..
    What a waste of time and waste of money.

  17. I too have received today 3 bits of cloth with no fillings and looks nothing like as advertised.. I feel so mad and stupid for falling for it.

    Do not order from this site.

    I have tried e mailing but just get not available please try again.

  18. Hi just received the 5 large beanbags I’ve ordered from your site. They are not large they are tiny the pictures you’ve shown show an adult sitting in the middle. The ones I’ve received you couldn’t fit a small dog on. Please could you refund my money as this is definitely not what I expected im really disappointed. I purchased 6 of these major let down.

  19. Same happened to me and I’m trying to get hold of them to get my money back but now the email isn’t valid.. a complete scam … does anyone know Who to contact regarding this matter and has anyone Got in tough with trading standards? My next move!

  20. Hi all I’ve been scammed by this company to. I have been in touch with my bank and they are looking into them. Also refunding my money so suggest you all do the same cheers.

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