Comfy Bear Reviews {Aug 2021} Is It A Scam Website?

Comfy Bear Reviews {Aug 2021} Is It A Scam Website?

Comfy Bear Reviews {Aug 2021} Is It A Scam Website? >> The article, mentioned earlier, is for a site named Comfybears that sells a variety of items online.

There are various websites that one can find on the internet. Some of these are legit, while some of them are big scams. Today, we are going to talk about a website that has various categories of products. So, read on for Comfy Bear ReviewsIt is a website based in the United KingdomOne can see a lot of products listed on this website, but is it safe to shop from this website? You will find out in this review article that will provide you with all the necessary information about this website. 

We hope that you will find a lot of information about the website and also about the factors that help in identifying the scam websites. 

So, read on.

What is Comfy bear?

When we get to the United Kingdom-based website of Comfy bear, we find various categories such as clothing, electronic tools, kitchenware, gifts, pet supplies, kitchenware, etc. We see a lot of products in each of the variety. There are various products that one can find in each of these categories. Then we reached to the ‘about us’ section of the website; we found that the company claims to be a team of young and passionate people.

The company claims to be a small company that has the best quality products at an affordable price. For Comfy Bear Reviews, we found the contact information that only has an email address.


  • Website’s URL:
  • Email:
  • Products – The website sells various items such as kitchenware, gifts, pet supplies, electronics, etc.
  • Return: The return is applicable for 30 days 
  • Contact number of the website: Not mentioned
  • Delivery: 7-10 days
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Delivery: The delivery time for the products is for 7-10 days.
  • Shipping: items are dispatched in 1-3 days, company provides free Shipping for orders above 30 pounds.
  • Customer Service – The customer care is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am 9 am to 5 pm 5 pm.
  • Hours of operation: On weekdays, 9 am -5 pm On Saturday 10 am -6 pm

Pros of Comfy Bear Reviews:

  • There is an amazing collection.
  • The price of the products is reasonable.
  • The website has a legit email domain.
  • The company ships globally.
  • The company takes 1-3 days on an average to dispatch the order.

Cons of Comfy Bear Reviews

  • The website doesn’t have sufficient owner’s information.
  • The website has bad customer reviews.

Is Comfy Bear Reviews Legit?

While researching about Comfy Bear Reviews, as per the reviews, the website seems to have various hidden fees and cancellation charges when a customer wants to return the items purchased from the website. The website is more than a year old. 

The website has no mention of any contact person, phone number on the website. The website has a valid SSL certification. The website has no reports of malware and has a safe payment system. There is the presence of the website on social media platforms. But the website has receive all the customer reviews in negation from the buyers and they are unresolved.

Customer Reviews:

While doing our research for Comfy Bear Reviewswe found that most of the customers have bad things to say about the products from this website. The users think that it was a mistake purchasing products from this company. 

Also, the delivery has been late. Some of them have received substandard products. Users have received no help from the customer care executive. Also, there has been complaining about the packaging being substandard. 

They claim that there have been a lot of issues with the purchase. There are a few users who are satisfied with their purchase, but the quantity of such users is less. All of this makes us very skeptical about this website.

Final Conclusion:

Thus, for Comfy Bear Reviews, we think that the website is dubious. However, based on the customer reviews of the website, we will not suggest this website to our users. Most of the users have faced dissatisfaction on their purchase from this website. 

Thus, we will not give a thumbs up to the website. The primary purpose of an ecommerce website is to deliver right quality products on time; this site seems to be failing in that.

If you have ever placed an order from this site before, you can write to us in the comments section below.

24 thoughts on “Comfy Bear Reviews {Aug 2021} Is It A Scam Website?

  1. I have just received a product from comfy
    Bear it’s was advertised as a child’s book to help them learn to write the alphabet ….
    It is a tiny little book that has Chinese instructions it was £12 with postage.
    One word for this is junk
    Will never buy off this site again

  2. I ordered an XL heated body warmer it arrived this morning and is so small it wouldn’t fit an 11 yr old
    also, the zip is very stiff and not a good standard I will be sending it back and require a full refund for this order
    I am most disappointed as I had ordered this as a present so feel very let down
    Regards Barbara Sheppard

  3. Does anyone know the address of Comfybear, I wish to send a heated body warmer back ( see Mrs Barbra Sheppard’s review) Ditto

  4. There are so many companies that are operating in exactly the same way. Damensein is one example. It sounded and looked German. Just because it says it is based in UK that means a warehouse somewhere, but the return address was China. I googled the address and it did not exist. There are many other clothing companies, as well as toys, and cut out metal birds, etc etc. that have exactly the same trap. Looks gorgeous, reasonable prices, says full refund available (but you have to jump through so many hoops and pay the postage to China… and then I’m not sure.) They don’t only advertise on Facebook, but news sites and other places. I presume they pay for their advertising so the hosts don’t ban them.

  5. Please look on trust pilot at reviews for this company. This product you ordered is from China. I ordered 3 of these and yes the sizes are way too small. I have paid £95. I now regret ordering from this company. I have e-mailed them and had no reply.

  6. I seem to be having similar problems…. not receiving my item…. no response to emails or their online form. They provided a tracking number which is for Hermes. On Hermes tracking app it states they are aware of it but have had nothing from anyone.

    I paid for this product via PayPal so have now written to Comfy Bear via their Resolve an Issue page.

    If i dont hear soon I will request the refund from PayPal or my Credit card Company… thankfully my cost was only approx £13… but that is besides the point.

  7. 26/10/2020.
    Comfy Bear Order number CBR-71465.
    £17.98 paid
    Unbreakable wooden man magic toy x 1
    I paid for this nearly four weeks back, nothing arrived.
    Sent many emails, complete waste of time, no proper reply.
    This company is fake, do not buy anything from them.

  8. I also purchased this unbreakable wooden man magic toy x1
    had a message to say your order is on the way ,
    but have not received purchase
    very worried that I am not going to get it
    also tried to contact them with no joy

  9. Despite our misgivings we did finally receive the bags we ordered. HOWEVER they are a very poor quality , are not what was advertised . I do not think that we can give them to anyone as a gift.
    I suspect that this is another third party merchandiser. They set up an attractive website , allow you to order , take your money and then and only then start to place an order with their Chinese suppliers.
    There is no quality control at all . Buyer beware , check all review sites before ordering from this type of supplier. We will try to,get our money back but I am not hopeful
    Thanks to everyone for their feedback, pity we did not look at it before ordering

  10. Received my order from comfy bear only to be disappointed with the size it was meant to be a3 xl but was only a medium at best ! Emailed straight away no response also messaged no response! I am hoping to return for full refund but feel very doubtful!

  11. I have just received the 2 bags I ordered from Comfybear about 3 weeks ago, I thought it was a company based in the UK. All items and returns are in fact to China. The items received are not fit for purpose and not as shown on the advertised picture. I e-mailed the problem to them and received a prompt reply saying they were sorry I wasn’t happy with the items and I could return at my expense for a refund or I could keep the items and receive a 20% discount. Either way I shall be well out of pocket. Sounds like sharp practice to me, i would not recommend this company to anyone.

  12. Before ordering the items I wanted, I specifically looked up the company (which had a different name than Comfy Bear) and there was a photo of workmen in their factory – looking like England and sounding genuine. I ordered my items which are for Christmas presents and I eventually received an email saying it was on its way, but I still have not received them. I emailed them and they told me to take a photo of my items – I replied that I could not take a photo as I had not received the items. I am very angry that it seems I have been conned again – I recently had bad dealings with another Chinese company, which was why I looked up this company first, before I ordered anything. I would warn everyone to have no dealings with Comfy Bear company and I fear I will not receive my goods and have no refund.

  13. Ordered two bags from this company & received them today. They looked in the picture as having a gusset, & the strap attached. There was no gusset to the bag & the strap was a strip which you slot through a loop either side with no way to secure the ends. I wish I had done my homework before ordering. They are a huge disappointment.

  14. Hi,ordered 2 heated jackets 4 weeks ago have heard nothing and tracking no. doesn’t exist. Have sent emails for information but nothing. £66 pound paid,can,t afford to lose this. ☹☹☹

  15. I ordered 2 pairs of leggings from Comfy Bear on 21.11.20. They have not arrived. All attempts to track them and contact the company have failed. This looks like a bogus website. These people are just making money and not delivering. I feel there should be some way to stop this.

  16. I received my goods today not as advertised its acase for phone with place for credit cards. There was no place for cards and no strap attached. Would never order of them again and advice people not to do so they are a joke

  17. I orded a body warmer for my wife as a Xmas present it came today should be x large but won’t go any whet e near her she’s a large I paid for 2 xtra batteries none gave come I’m gutted as she works early mornings outside and thought this would be ideal

  18. Very similar to all previous comments. Placed an order on 9th dec. no goods so far and no response to e-mails. Will never use this site again.

  19. Should have read these reviews before ordering! Ordered a purse end of December still not arrived! Have since seen the same purse on Facebook being advertised by two other companies which are obviously all the same ones – all scam sites – DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE

  20. Ordered Curtain rail 2nd Feb but still not received. Complained to Pay Pal who obtained e-mail saying goods on way.
    Problem now is in a week the last date for claiming is reached.
    Company obviously aware and are stalling.
    Certainly do not order from this site.

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