Coitem com Scam [July] |Is This Authentic or a Scam?

Coitem com Scam [July] |Is This Authentic or a Scam?

Coitem com Scam [July] |Is This Authentic or a Scam? -> Read this if you want to buy high waisted pants online. 

Are you on the search for high waisted printed pants to add to your summer wardrobe? Then it would be best if you headed out to the Coitem com to give their selection a look.

High waited pants can be paired with crop tops, short Bardot tops and even regular strappy tops. They are a part of the ’70s that have managed to fit in through all the fashionable eras. 

A variety of popular websites are selling high waisted pants, and one of them is Coitem com. It was created only a month ago and hence make people question if Coitem com Scam

The site currently sells the products out of its United States location provided on the site. This review will indulge in all the necessary details that are required to get a better understanding of a website. 

Is Coitem com Scam?

The prevalence of scam sites is as common as a common cold today. These scam sites are known to have very short life spans as they created with malicious intent. They often refuse to provide transparency to customers but entice them with unbelievable sales. 

So, is Coitem com Scam? It seems to provide full contact details that include email id, customer care phone number and an address. It makes the website sound somewhat legit. 

What is Coitem com? 

The Coitem com is an online retailer based out of the United States that sells trendy women’s clothing. The website is relatively new in the market of online shopping but offers a collection that is chic and good quality.

Their products are categorised precisely, and a new customer will find it easy to navigate the site. Such clear layouts ultimately lead to quick and hassle-free purchases and a delight for customers. 

It’s about section only talks about the style of jewellery it wishes to offer. Furthermore, it mentions that they want to make it affordable to the masses. However, there is no mention of jewellery in the categories mentioned. 

What is unique about Coitem com? 

Online websites are known to sell clothing that is mostly made up of polyester and are meant for casual purposes. The dress offered by  Coitem com uses fabrics that will last you long and look perfect for work or informal gathering. 

The collection is available in neutral colours like beige, pinks and blues. If you love polka dots and checks, then you are in for a treat as they offer a select variety of those. This online shopping site could put a woman in clothing heaven. 

Specifications of Coitem com

  • Products- trendy clothing for women 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- (716) 830-1315
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- 3-5 days or 2-3 weeks on international orders 
  • Shipping fee- $4.99
  • Return- must be made within 14 days 
  • Exchange- are not offered 
  • Refunds- possible if made within 14 days 
  • Payment- must be done online using PayPal 

Pros of purchasing from Coitem com

  • There are complete contact details provided 
  • They mention a United States return address
  • They ensure quick refunds supplied to their customers 
  • The clothing is very chic yet trendy 
  • They use a valid HTTPS connection 

Cons of purchasing from Coitem com

  • Their about us section mentions nothing about clothing 
  • The clothing is costly 
  • They charge a $4.99 shipping fee 
  • Customers can only make online payments
  • The site has a recent creation date 

Customer reviews of the Coitem com

Coitem com lacks any customer reviews on the site yet boats of 5-star ratings on all products. On clicking any of its social media icons provided, you will be directed to your own social media page. It cuts out any way of locating customer reviews of the site. 

Online reviewers mention that the website sells stray items that aren’t mentioned in its product categories. These vary from hot tubs, hot water systems and lounge seaters. The address provided could also be fake, claim online reviewers. 

It also seems to generate meagre traffic, but that could be because the site has a recent creation date.  

Final Verdict- 

So, is Coitem com Scam? Well, the site is not currently blacklisted, but it is hard to look away from the fact that the address could be fake. There are chances of the site being safe. However, it was created only a month ago and lacked any customer reviews. 

So, to be on the safer side, we advise all readers to not make any purchases from the site. 

0 thoughts on “Coitem com Scam [July] |Is This Authentic or a Scam?

  1. Coitem is ONLY a woman’s clothing store but if you search on the iternet for “Sofa” you will see many furniture products for sale, really cheap prices for high quality furniture, and if you click on the home button it takes you to the clothing store but if you click on add to cart and then purchase this so called furniture you’re asking to get ripped off. Unf they are all over the internet. I have no idea how they’ve actually infiltrated the website…but they have. It is a total SCAM! Thank you. Teresa T.

  2. Do not shop on! The tracking number they gave me was an already used one that said I had received my item 1 week ago, when I had just ordered it the night before. They buy used tracking numbers to scam people. So they can tell PayPal a tracking number and as long as the item says “delivered” PayPal usually will not side with the buyer.

    1. The same thing happened to me last night. I ordered 2 chairs from this fake website. Luckily, I called my bank today and they are blocking the Paypal charge. I noticed today someone named Jose Ortiz posted a tracking number for a product delivered to my house last month. We need to report this company and band together. I have reported this as fradulant activity with Paypal.

  3. I bought a grill from this site and i probably should’ve checked out the online info like i see here ugh I’m hoping i get my item but I’ve talked to Paypal and they have my back if it isn’t a legitimate site. Wondering if anyone has ever gotten whatever it’s they ordered?!?

  4. Scammer. The number is constantly busy and the email is rejected by google mail. I have file BBB report against them. Items went to another address, PayPal refusing to reimburse.

  5. The phone number doesn’t work and the .com address comes back as undeliverable. SCAM No way to contact them. No order acknowledgment, no tracking, no contact available.
    I called my credit card and had the charge disputed

  6. I got scammed from for $100. Never received the product, their phone is always busy, no response from emails or their online website. Paypal refuses to refund.

  7. I’ve been been waiting on an order from Coitem for about 3 weeks. Never received a tracking or my product. I reported to PayPal. Still having heard anything.

  8. Let this be a lesson to us ALL! I will from now on be alot more careful in whom I’m dealing with. Whom ever this is, is good! they got all our $! Damn!!! I do believe in CARMA.

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