Coca Whole Reviews (Oct) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

Coca Whole Reviews (Oct) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

Coca Whole Reviews (Oct) Is This Authentic Or Scam? >> This post will let you know about the authenticity of the website that offers clothing, accessories and shoes for women.

Are you looking for branded clothes for ladies & girls? Also, are you looking for quality products all in one place? Yes, there is a website by the name Coca Whole. The Coca Whole Reviews are crucial to get to know about the legitimacy of the website. 

They have a vast collection of tops, dresses, accessories for everyone. There are a variety of products available. The website also offers products related to festivals, i.e., Halloween, Christmas & Thanksgiving.

They have huge discounts available on all the products. Almost on all products, a 50% discount is there. The products on Coca Whole are excellent and modern in outlook. They are trendy and very much appealing for a routine eye. If a buyer does look at those products, then he will be tempted to purchase it. 

They are available in the United States, and Canada, and are also delivering products across the world. 

But, Is Coca Whole Legit? We will get to know this as below.

What is Coca Whole?

Coca Whole is a place to purchase trendy and stylish clothes and apparel for women. They provide excellent clothes for them and there are thousands of products to select from the collection. 

The central part of any online site is its reviews and is crucial for buyers to buy products. The customer service team is always on its toes to provide excellent service to its customers. 

Coca Whole is offering free shipping for orders above 39$. They are also giving a weekly new collection for buyers. 

 Is Coca Whole Legit depends on many factors. Let us dive in to this review to understand more about it.


  • Website –
  • Products – Products have a good range of clothing for ladies & girls.
  • Email Support –
  • Payments: They accept payments from PayPal and all other principal credit card payments, including Visa, MasterCard, and MaestroCard.
  • Delivery and Shipping: Order above 39$ will have free shipping and will take 15-30 business days for shipping. Standard shipping will be chargeable with 4.99$ for shipping and 15-30 business days.  
  • Return Policy: If the product is shipped, then the order will not get accepted back. If the order gets canceled timely, it will get accepted. The order will not get canceled more than seven days after it got placed.
  • Refund Policy: Once the product returned, it got inspected. The buyers will receive an email or notification of receipt. The payment of the product will automatically get credited to his account within three working days.
  • Contact Number – Not mentioned.
  • Physical Address – Not mentioned.
  • Social Links – Inactive

Pros of Coca Whole

  • Service available in the United States, Canada and across the world.
  • Massive discount on all the products.
  • Useful size guide for all size of products
  • Catering to ladies & girls only
  • Festival related products
  • A wonderful collection of apparel and clothing for women.

Cons of Coca Whole

  • Coca Whole Reviews not available online.
  • No address or contact number.
  • Not active on social media channels.
  • The site is one month and twenty-one days old.
  • Excess discounts on products.

Is Coca Whole Legit or a Scam?

After going through Coca Whole site, it is clear that it is not a legit site. The domain is one month and twenty-one days old. There are no customer reviews available online.

Understandably, it is not a trustworthy website to go ahead of buying products. 

The primary contact information on the website is missing. There is no address or phone number available on the site. Coca Whole Reviews is not having any kind of review available online. Buyers are suggested to do their research well before going ahead with any buying. 

The website is suspicious enough with proof to make it a possible scam. The buyers have to protect themselves from any such kind of suspicious website. 

Customer’s Review on Coca Whole

There are no customer reviews available online. The domain age is very recent. The buyers are requested to do research before purchasing from this website. The website has a beautiful collection of products to tempt the buyer to make a purchase. The buyers can lose their money in fraud from this site.

Hence, the buyers have to look for Coca Whole Reviews before buying any product from this site. 

Final Thought

After going through everything about this site such as the domain age, no contact number, or address, and the poor content quality, we suggest each and every buyer needs to be wise before buying any product from this website and study the website and its reviews thoroughly.

It is a website that requires thorough analysis before buying any products as no customer reviews are available, and any contact or physical address is also not available. Hence to conclude we can say that, it is a highly suspicious website and possibly a scam. 

Kindly leave your comments below in the comments section for this Coca Whole Reviews and your experience with the website.

0 thoughts on “Coca Whole Reviews (Oct) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

  1. Ordered a coat off this site 2 weeks ago.. got a confirmation email off them .. but nothing else. Tried emailing them with no response.. I stupidly didn’t pay with PayPal.. learnt my lesson ?

  2. Well after pointing this out it does look suspicious…k was hoping it wasn’t a scam because I was going to place a order…bit then my husband noticed something suspicious and began looking into it…..glad to say I haven’t lost anything to this scam… Except for 3 beautiful coats i was hoping to buy for a beautiful pricey! 🙁 too good to be true I guess

    1. I placed an order for 2 coats. I’m realizing they are not coming ? it’s a scam. Now just wondering about my information I gave out

    2. I have put an order in a month ago and have received nothing. It is my duty to earn ppl of this website. I am taking legal action to stop these damn scammers.

  3. Rebecca I did the same thing as you and have had no response. I’m going to ask my bank if they can refund me but I doubt it. Definitely a scam site!

  4. I ordered a coat off here on 31st October, received confirmation email and is still showing as waiting to be shipped. Sent an email to chase up but no response. Not happy at all ?

  5. I placed a order with you over two months and l still haven’t gotten it the order was two costs and itis getting cold out l want my order l laso need to change my address my new address is 7009 Ellen Ave. CINCINNATI ohio 45239 l really want my oreder please send me my order

  6. I placed an order over two months ago and I still dont have it l want my order so please send me my order and l also l have to change my address the new one is 7009 Ellen Ave. CINCINNATI Ohio 45239

  7. Hi, I passed a command on October 31 and i try to reach them since more than a week mow without any comeback from them. It’s the first time I have the impression to been part of a scam and frustrated and overwhelmed because I don’t know what to do cuz I’m in Canada, Québec and our customers protection are probably different from the USA one… I definitely don’t have the money to buy it again somewhere else so I’m sad et perturbed af…

    If you have any suggestions for what can i do against them it will be greatly appreciated.

    Don’t buy there it’s all i can suggest personally…

  8. Hi all I also purchased a coat on the 11th November but still no shipping information or delivery date again they haven’t replied too my emails just wish I’d looked at this before I ordered if anyone has any suggestions too what step I can do next please feel free too share thanks

    Laura kelley

  9. I purchased a few items on October 21st. I received a confirmation email that said “awaiting shipment” I have been checking it every so often…today (11/29) when I checked the email, the page it directed to me couldn’t be found ? definitely a scam. Now apparently cocawhole doesn’t exist, it directs you to another female fashion site called Luck. Needless to say, I will be very cautious before ordering anything online again

  10. It must be a scam. I ordered a coat for my young adult daughter on 10/29/20 and still haven’t received it. Im disappointed and will make sure I see reviews before ordering again.

  11. I purchased three coats in October 29th 2020 I never received my merchandise this is December 7th 2020 I need a phone number or address where they located they need to be investigated and I have ordered from Facebook

  12. Well I am currently sat on the phone to my bank they have cancelled my card for me and I’m going through to fraud team that’s why I started looking on this website but I stupidly purchased two coats on the 8th November and the payment has miraculously dissapeared off my bank statement I had my order confirmation email and iv emailed them 5 times no response this is the first time iv ever had this happen and I’m hoping it will be the last

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