GADGETS Review (Sep 2020) Is this a Reliable Site? Review Review (Sep 2020) Is this a Reliable Site? >> This article is dealing with the authentication of an India-based website for sarees and other women’s clothes.

Irrespective of traditional and modern all Indian divas are fond of sarees. Therefore, it is quite normal to drag to the site whenever you see sarees online. Well, is one of those online stores that are dealing with exquisite Indian sarees.

If you are a saree lover, it is quite natural to lean on the sites whenever you get this colorful apparel of your choice. However, smart women’s options should be different from others. So, make sure that you get the Review either on their website or from other review posting sites.

 We are here to let you know more detail about the website to help India‘s saree lovers learn more about the website. So, keep reading.

What is is one of the India-based websites dealing with sarees and some of the ethnic wears for the Indian girls and women. the sellers are well off the choice and flavors of most Indian ladies. As a result, they present one of the colorful websites dealing with several different sarees from the various places of India and other traditional clothes for ladies such as Lehenga cholis, salwar suits, etc.

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What are the specifications of the website

  • the website deals with different sorts of sarees for different purposes and other ethnic wear for Indian women.
  • To get the sarees and other clothes, you have to log in to the you can contact the seller through the mail. The email id is
  • Telephonic detail is missing. However, the address detail is there on the website. India, India, 560010 India KA, India.
  • The website does not suggest anything about their shipping and delivery system. Also, we do not know if the sellers are comfortable with domestic shipping or international.
  • Return can be applied with 30 days of the date of delivery. 
  • No online transactions are available here. They support only COD.

What are the benefits of the website

  • Different types of sarees, such as designer, linen, bridal, are available here.
  • The buyers are getting a good discount on this website.
  • Apart from sarees, you will get lehenga choli and salwar suit too.
  • Each kind of saree has a different segment and quite a good collection. UI and UX of the website are very much attractive.
  • Cash on delivery is available.

What are the negative aspects of the site

  • A lot of vital information is missing on their official website.
  • The official contact number is mossing on this website.
  • The shipping and delivery policy is not clear.
  • The buying process is quite tricky.
  • This site is not for those who are willing to through online transactions.

What do people say about the site?

As the Review is missing from the website, it isn’t easy to map out the buyer’s perspective. Also, relives posting sites are not talking about the area. It seems people are not interested in talking about it. It could be a sign that the website is not popular, and the women do not like to have their sarees from the site.

The sellers are not active in any of the social sites. These days, sellers are willing to contact their buyers and vice versa. However, zero activity on social sites the reason for not gathering Review positively.

The final verdict:

Coming to the technical part, this website is not up to the mark for google listing. The HTTP of the site is padlock protected, and the URL is unique. Despite that, the website has no backlinking. It does not come to the search engine result pages while searching by its name or related keywords.

Too much discount without any valid reason is not a good sign for a website. It could be a trap to grab a massive number of buyers. A lot of scam sites do it to grab attention. On the other hand, this website is no longer than six months as we know that no scam site could survive more than six months. All these bring a negative affinity to the website. At the same time, this could be a new website that has not been enlisted to the goggle ranking.

No matter what, the site is too new to decide or a scam, we do not take any risk. So, we do not recommend our readers to buy any product from this website.

Do you have any experience of dealing with the site? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi, I am divya from Bengaluru… I am one among the remaining people who is being fooled by this website.. without seeing the review o ordered a saree and got a very bad used old cloth when I opened it… I paid 1100/- RS for the saree… to return that no option available… I mailed many times for the mail I’d they have provided I.e.,…. but till now no reply from the website… they are totally a fraud people cheating public by giving fake images and offers… I have lost my money… I don’t know where to return this product and get my money back… If anybody knows where to return this product and how to return, please help me out

  2. How government stop such scam sites.. During this 6 months the site will collect 1000 Cr. Who dares to do such scammed net work without support of big politician.

    Why central government can not generate a app to regulate the site address whether it is registered site or not.?

    I definitely express it is a government scam. Future please stop such sites.

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