Clean T Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It A Fake Or Legit?

Clean T Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It A Fake Or Legit?

Clean T Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It A Fake Or Legit? >> Dreaming of perfect smile with shining white teeth, healthy gums, read this article to reveal product.

Oral cleanliness is the most neglected hygiene in our day to day life. You only think that as soon as our body temperature is high or we have a sore throat, we visit a doctor. We take a trip to the doctor frequently for any other body issue. 

But on the other hand, we often ignore our visit to dentists as we take our oral health lightly. Many questions arise in our mind like do we brush our teeth properly and give the much-needed attention to teeth?

Do we take care of our oral hygiene? According to a study, most oral health problems are in countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. So, what is the ultimate solution to this problem?

In this article, the solution to Clean T Reviews is an oral hygiene device that brushes your teeth quickly and adequately from every corner. To know the features and benefits, read the complete article.


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What is CleanT?

CleanT is an oral hygiene device that will brush your teeth automatically in around 10 seconds. The machine will clean every corner of the mouth, and the ultimate result is you do not suffer from cavities and toothache

Are you aware that around 100-110 days in our lifetime, we spend on brushing our teeth when we touch them for 2 minutes daily? And by using CleanT, we can reduce this time to ten times and overall.

CleanT is a device that you need to place in your mouth, and it will automatically brush and clean all your teeth, including the corners. If the teeth are not clean, it may decrease the mouth’s bone density, and various issues can arise, leading to many surgeries.  Further, with Clean T Reviews, we will understand in deep.

Bone grafting is surgery because of decreased bone density, causing you many pain and high expenses. Thus, to prevent yourself from many such surgeries, treatments, and various tooth filling and root canals, this device will be helpful. 

Knowing how it will help you in the long-term do read the entire article.

Specifications of CleanT:

  • Product Type: Oral hygiene product.
  • Color of the product: White
  • Machinery: It is an automatic toothbrush.
  • Product price: 89.99$
  • Availability of product: ‘Clean T Reviews’ say buy it from the producer’s legal website only.

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Benefits of the CleanT:

  • The toothbrush is automatic and easy to use.
  • It will replace toothpicks, floss, and toothbrush as it is an all in one product.
  • The CleanT will reduce the brushing time by ten times. 
  • The product also has tooth whitening ingredients mixed in the device.
  • Clean T is a waterproof product and will clean 99.99% bacteria and viruses from the mouth.
  • The product is available for free shipping.
  • There is a 50%% discount available on the product, and thus it is available at only 89.99$. 

Cons of CleanT:

  • The product is five times the brush’s size and tedious to insert in the mouth.
  • The shape and size is the same for all, and thus it might not fit perfectly in the mouth.

Is the Clean T Legit?

The website where the product is available is only two months old, and thus, believing it so early is not a good sign. The reviews are good, but the product is not available anywhere apart from the website, making your purchase wisely.

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What does the customer want to say about Clean T Reviews?

Amongst the many reviews, a few of them are from people of the United Kingdom, Iceland, and the United States. Kristin says that she is in love with the product, and it is less than a month now that she is using the product, and can see a noticeable difference in her teeth and gums.

Another person, Denise, gives a five-star rating in her Clean T Reviews and says it is far better than a regular toothbrush and whitens the teeth. It is easy to use and shows excellent work for oral hygiene.

Brad says it hardly takes 10-20 seconds to clean the mouth that is very less than brushing with a regular toothbrush. It is easy to brush your teeth before going to bed now, and he is happy with the purchase.


The final verdict on ‘Clean T Reviews’ is that the product is excellent and affordable. It helps clean the mouth and teeth in very little time, and it is easy to use. The reviews available on the website is delightful, and customer satisfaction is high. But, the website is new, and thus trusting it at an early stage is not good.

We recommend users buy the product after adequate research. Readers can share their opinion on the Clean T Reviewsand if they have purchased, then the experience.

0 thoughts on “Clean T Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It A Fake Or Legit?

  1. Heavily promoted in Australia, the website doesn’t indicate that prices are USD not AUD. Cost 220 USD, approx $310 AU, is a significant difference to affordability. Australian banks, PayPal etc, then charge foreign transaction fees and their unique currency conversions to AUD, adding even more to the total cost.
    Haven’t yet received the product because of too many inconsistencies in invoice and correspondence to their website.
    *The website states, buy 2 CleanT and they’ll send a 3rd FREE, but the 3rd unit is NOT FREE! You’ll only see it AFTER they’ve taken money from your account. *Beware of extras offered when ordering. They might suggest and you’ll pay for an extra Whitening light but the company doesn’t even sell those!!
    *Also beware of the product’s name. You think you’re buying CleanT on official legal site but, in emails, it might be uSmile Pro or another name not previously shown.
    Not pleased with purchase process, I’ve asked them to cancel the order and issue a full refund. In 2 days they’ve sent 3 duplicated emails, trying to keep the order “on hold”; delaying any refund.

  2. it is a scam! the price is not affordable and i don’t think a two year warranty product will last long. i don’t think it will be better than another electric toothbrush

  3. This product is a waste of money… Only after three days my teeth were furry… Also you need to replace the mouthpiece every 3 to 6 months and there’s nowhere to buy this. All the over positive customer reviews on their website are bogus. There is no email contact for the company. Also they lead you to believe that the charger comes with the product however you have to pay extra for that. Very dodgy marketing.

  4. Any update on whether you got the product or a refund? My mum has been seeing the ads on Facebook and wants one now. But I’m wary, no PayPal and no presence on social media.

  5. This product mus be a fake, or at least the ads for it. here in Brazil, it’s marketed as a product made by one “Francisco Maltauro”, which upon a quick google search you can see does not exist. I wouldn’t trust this product, and neither should you in my opinion.

  6. This is a fake product, please save your money 🙂 .

    I wanted to try, but got the payment denied, well I actually bloked my debit card to not have issues and those people using my money :).

    1. Indeed. It is a fake product attributed to a false profile, without any kind of reliable reference and or recommendation of any dentist. The advertisement claims that “Francisco Maltauro” is a professional, misleading the consumers. And the worst thing is that, if the customers are harmed, they will have no one to turn to, since the “responsible” is a fictional character and there is no kind of reference to certify that it is a reliable company.

  7. I bought the Clean T and got it after a month and am using it for about ten days now:

    – it feels amazing and I love that I can walk around in my bathroom and don’t need to hang over my wash basin
    – much less noisy and headache inducing than my classic automatic toothbrushes
    – my teeth do look whiter!
    – it came with charger without extra payment
    – they have email support and I am in communication with my questions

    – it doesn’t clean way food leftovers stuck between teeth. I often have to clean my teeth normally as well which defies their promise of saving time and it being a legitimate substitute for normal teeth brushing
    – I asked and they told me I can use my normal toothpaste: It takes much bigger amounts of toothpaste to fill the mouthpiece which increases cost for buying more toothpaste
    – the cleaning of the mouthpiece from the toothpaste takes a long time which defies the promise of saving time with this gadget!!!

    Because I love the feeling and perceive my teeth as whiter, I’m willing to use it as a ‘second care” ritual after normal tooth brushing BUT – my biggest personal problem: the mouthpiece is on both ends too short for my gum/teeth! Both my last back teeth are not getting reached by it!

    I’m in communication via email and asked for a bigger mouthpiece. If they deliver that, I’ll keep the gadget. If not, I’ll send it back.

    If you want to buy it for saving time as a real substitute for teeth brushing: Forget it!
    If you want to have a nice gum massage and whiter teeth: Buy it.

    Good luck and happy bright smiles!

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