Chris Cuomo No Mask [Oct] Called Out For Not Wearing Mask

Chris Cuomo No Mask [Oct] Called Out For Not Wearing Mask

Chris Cuomo No Mask [Oct] Called Out For Not Wearing Mask >> This article will talk about a CNN primetime reporter, Chris Cuomo, who has landed in a controversy for not wearing a mask in a public place.

Are you still in two minds about wearing masks? As there does not seem to be any end to the pandemic any time soon, wearing masks in public places seems to be the new normal. Chris Cuomo, a CNN reporter, has grabbed the headlines for his Chris Cuomo No Mask controversy.

Chris Cuomo, a well-known host of CNN which airs in the United States, Canadahas been promoting the use of masks on his show but seems to be doing otherwise in real life. Please read on as we tell you more about how he landed himself in hot water.  

What is the Chris Cuomo controversy all about? 

Chris Cuomo is well known for his CNN prime time show called the Cuomo Prime Time, which is a popular show in the United States, Canada. He has been seen advocating using masks on his show and asking people to wear them for their safety. Chris has also, at times, slammed the Trump government and its officials for not wearing masks and handling the pandemic seriously.

However, Chris was recently spotted at a private members club not wearing a mask and not even seated at his table. He was walking around, meeting people, shaking hands with them and all this without a mask covering his face. CNN has not yet issued any official comment on Chris Cuomo No Mask controversy.

Even though Chris and his wife were diagnosed COVID positive, there was a complaint from his apartment building, where he was seen roaming without a mask in the common areas. He was warned of a $500 fine as well for the same. 

Chris Cuomo is also the younger brother of Governor Andrew Cuomo who has been seen attacking the restaurant industry for not following a protocol when it comes to wearing masks. 

What do people have to say about it?

It seems like Chris Cuomo only believes in preaching and does not practise wearing the mask himself. Chris Cuomo No Mask controversy has received flak from people online. We found comments on the Internet discussing whether the wearing of masks should be mandatory or just a choice.

Many people advocate masks to keep those with weaker immune systems safe. However, many others believe that it should be about compassion and free will.

Final Views 

For as long as governments do not make it mandatory or pass strict rules for wearing masks, it does at the end of the day come down to personal choice. 

However, if you are vocal on-air about the importance of wearing masks and slamming the government, then you must practise it in real life as well. This is one of the major reasons that Chris Cuomo No Mask news has been making the headlines.

Dear Readers, please share your thoughts and views in the comments section below. We would love to know what you think about the entire scenario. 

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