Chase Text Scam {Sep} Check The Post Now!

Chase Text Scam {Sep} Check The Post Now!

Chase Text Scam {Sep} Check The Post Now! -> Beware of a text phishing scam in the name of account verification and survey.

Do you trust your bank with your money? 90% of the worldwide population rely on the banks to manage their savings. In ancient times, both men and women prefer cash savings because of deficient trust in the banks. There have been times where the bank counterfeit with your money and ran away. Chase Text Scam is an anonymous and top-rated text phishing. 

Millions of dollars are counterfeited from the people in the United States. The text phishing scam is running in the states for a decade. Many con-tricksters are still undercover and unable to track down. Please go through our article to understand the fraud. 

What is Chase Text scam?

Chase Bank is a billion-dollar company that deals in finance, savings, loans, collateral, etc. Ranking in the United States’ top-banks, the scammers successfully grab your attention to their con-tricks. From the past two years, they are sending messages and Emails to bank account holders. 

How does the scam work?

If you are a user of Chase Bank, you will receive a text message or email from third-parties asking for sensitive and personal information. The question of getting your contact information is still unanswered and under review by the bank. Besides, the con-tricksters have targeted the customers for the second time. They used the bank’s data in 2017 and scammed million dollars. 

What are the tricks? 

The scammers send you a mail stating your account is on hold because verification for internet banking is not completed. You will get an email from the Chase Text Scam for asking the below details:

  • Verify the security status of your account
  • Download the attached document in the mail
  • Open the file and write on the required fields

Are there any other tricks?

Yes, the scammers leave zero stones unturned to loot you. They ask your personal information in the name of account verification. However, they also entice you in taking participate in panels to bring change in the bank operation. You will receive an email that states your opinion matters in changing the functionality of the customer panel. They will ask the following:

  • Click on the survey link
  • Share necessary information to become eligible
  • Filled information should be related to your account and yourself
  • They will inform you if you stand on the eligibility criteria. 

Where can you report scam emails or text messages?

Chase Text Scam can be easily reported to the following contact points:

  • 1-800-935-9935 or 1-713-262-3300 (outside US users)

Customer Feedback:

Because of the Chase Text Scam, the users are negatively rating the original bank. Since the scam outburst, the financial institution has experienced a declined clientele. Thousands of scammed emails and text messages are reported regularly by the customers. 


A complete analysis of the Chase Text Scam is elaborated in the above sections. Please stay alert and protect your savings or information from the scammers!

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