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Cellmate Device Reviews {Oct} Is It Legit or Scam?

Cellmate Device Reviews 2020

Cellmate Device Reviews {Oct} Is It Legit or Scam? -> This article will help online shoppers to know about all the details of this device before buying it online.

Are you looking for a reliable chastity device? Check out this cellmate chastity device available online and search for Cellmate Device Reviews on the internet for knowing the real experiences of the users who are already using it.

A lot of men and women from the United Kingdom use this chastity device to prevent the rapidly increasing rape incidents. Many people are adapting this historical anti-masturbation device for controlling sexual disloyalty by their spouses.

However, people should search well before actually using such chastity devices for ensuring safety.

Let’s know the product more.

What is a cellmate chastity device?

A cellmate is a chastity device that is most frequently used by men to get a grip on their sexual desires. Moreover, this chastity device helps couples to protect their partner’s unfaithfulness.

Viewers deciding for making a purchase of this cellmate chastity device online can search for Cellmate Device Reviews on the internet to ensure the safety of their money and quality of the product.


  • Product type: chastity devi8ce especially for men
  • Product dimensions: 3.94*1.46*2.36 inches
  • Product’s manufacturer: 665 inc
  • Battery requirement: one lithium-ion battery
  • Product weight: 3.53 ounces
  • Controllability: mobile-app controllable
  • Product’s model number: 138149
  • Product’s date first available: January 8, 2020
  • Product price: not available

Pros of using this cellmate chastity device:

  • This cellmate chastity device saves men’s sexual energy and controls masturbation.
  • There are many positive comments regarding the comfort of the cage in the online Cellmate Device Reviews sections from genuine users.
  • This cellmate chastity device consists of a polycarbonate cage, making it completely safe and provides utmost comfort to the users.
  • This chastity device can help numerous ladies who worry about getting cheated by their men and is designed for a long time wearing.

Cons of using this cellmate chastity device:

  • Many users have claimed that the app used for controlling this device stopped working after a few days, and they got stuck.
  • These kinds of chastity devices are not recommended by health experts as they may cause severe injuries to the most sensitive parts of the human body.

Is cellmate chastity device legit?

For checking the legitimacy of this chastity device, we went to a lot of websites and checked the reviews from previous users. This is a device that was used in ancient times and is now available on various online shopping sites, including Amazon.

Moreover, there are many positive comments from the existing users in the online Cellmate Device Reviews sections, ensuring about the safety. however, the promotional content present online doesn’t inform its viewers about any of its cons, making us doubt the realness of the available information.

What are the customers have to say about this cellmate chastity device?

Online Cellmate Device Reviews are available, and buyers can have a look at them to decide whether he wants to get this or not. Well, a few customers have praised the premium quality of the cage and loved the comfort and are tagging it as a highly recommended item.

However, some of the customers seem to be totally disappointed with the product. A few customers have complained that the mobile app controlling the activities stop working, which is a hazardous situation and may lead to some serious situations. Moreover, some of the customers from the United Kingdom have complained about hacking as this mobile can easily be hacked, and hackers can get full access to the activities. In such cases, hackers can lock the device on a permanent basis, which is a dangerous situation.

In addition to this, a few customers have mentioned that this item is useless as there is no option to unlock the cage manually, and it is quite expensive and typically a waste.

Final verdict

Keeping all the pros aside, we suggest the buyers not to buy this product as this product can get you trapped in some difficult situations.

This cellmate chastity device can cause serious injuries, infections, or may take your life on regular usage. Physicians usually don’t recommend using such products that can harm the most sensitive parts of a male body. So, according to us, this product should not be used by men for any possible reason.

Please share your views about the product and its recommendation with our readers in the comment section below. Do tell us about the article, whether it helped you in making the right decision or not.

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