Careshes com Reviews [Jan 2021] Is It Fake Scam or Legit?

Careshes com Reviews [Jan 2021] Is It Fake Scam or Legit?

Careshes com Reviews [Jan 2021] Is It Fake Scam or Legit? -> The website is an online store and selling multiple styles of women’s dresses and accessories.

Are you interested in knowing the website Careshes com for buying beautiful dresses and fashionable accessories? Then this review will alert you, and it can be an informative article for you taking the best decision through Careshes com Review.    

This is an online shopping store and sells the women dresses and accessories in multiple styles. The famous and branded product’s name has been printed on almost every dress for attracting online buyers, but it is an ingenious way to prevailing their products for shopping only. The online buyers should read such a significant Careshes com Review for consciousness and protect themselves from any fraudulent kind of online shopping.

This website has been registered in the United States three months back. The WebPages have been designed by website creator nicely and displayed the fashionable dresses and accessories. The purpose of business is to make online money. We have obtained the information through online research that it may be suspicious motives. The Careshes com website is trying to motivate online buyers, but we cannot ignore other loopholes. 

What is Careshes com?

Careshes com is an online eCommerce website doing business in a variety of women and man dresses and accessories. These dresses have been printed and classified with illustrations related to luxurious life products. The images of nature also represent these products.

This website wish to gain popularity among the online store and displayed beautiful images of the products. The website creator has introduced himself with well-written company policies and promises for the best service delivery, but it does not match with the online research. This information is suspicious and written with ambiguity.

Specifications of Careshes com

  • Types of Website: Online Business Store
  • Shipping Facility: Available
  • Exchange Facility: Available 
  • Refund Facility: Maximum 30 days
  • Return Facility: Available
  • Company Address: Not Mentioned 
  • Email address: 
  • Mode of Payment: Online Transfer

Pros of buying from Careshes com

  • The images of the products are stylish.
  • They are offering huge discounts on every item.
  • They have used the best quality of materials
  • The designs of the products are very trendy.  

Cons of buying from Careshes com 

  • Online researches have shown distrust on this website.
  • The images are copied from other popular sites.
  • The feedback and reviews of the customer are not available.
  • The existence of the social media platform is nothing.
  • The website setup is detected in the three countries.   
  • The website’s trust score is meager.

Is Careshes com legit?

We have analyzed the information available on the internet about this website that has not received a reasonable trust score and Careshes com review is still awaited. The low trust score finds during online research about any website states that anything should not be purchased from such sites. 

Therefore, we have recommended checking this website because deciding the legitimacy of the site it could be the best way to correct such discrepancies by Trustpilot, WOT, and age of the website, etc. Please read this article to recognize that it is a safe website for buying any products. The online shopping features have been detected, but it has been found in scam check-list. The SSL certificate is valid, but sources of registration are not verified positively. 

What are customers saying about Careshes com?

The customer’s opinions have not been verified by online research because the website has ignored mentioning this option to collect such important information through social media platforms. 

We have tried to find the customer’s feedback on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and others but could not obtain any information. The absence of customer’s feedback shows the online rating of Careshes com website very poor.  

Final Verdict:

The identity of the owner and company physical contact details are hidden in the public domain. At the same time, the registration of the website is valid for one year and existing on the internet from three months. We have detected that the setup of this website is being used in the three countries. This point creates a suspicious perception in mind. So this website cannot be considered trustworthy for shopping.  

The trust score of is not up to the mark, trusting it for buying the products. This is a significant indicator that this website may be a scam website. This rating has been verified during online research. The details being confirmed doubting on this website after detecting some loopholes in the mentioned terms and conditions and location of the company registration. 

We have detected the complicated information through Careshes com Review. So, we cannot suggest this online store to the online buyers for buying any product. 

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  1. I ordered shirts over a month ago and thought I got an e-mail saying they had been sent on October 14. I have not received them yet. Please let me know via e-mail where in the process these are. They are 3X Faith Based pullover shirts.

  2. Ordered over month ago and emailed them. But no response and have not received my order. Do not order anything off Facebook all of them are just right out scams. Disputing with my bank.

  3. I ordered a birthday gift for my mom on September 28th a month before her birthday! The package made it to my local post office and never to my house! They claim my address was insufficient! The package was sent back. I’ve watched the tracking. They refuse to return my money and I never received ANYTHING they are saying I have to be refunded by the carrier. What a joke. They refuse to respond to my emails that I am sending after I did speak to the carrier and it is NOT their responsibility to refund money that wasn’t paid to them! I paid YOU, I never received the items, refund my money, very simple. Instead they rob me for over 100$ disgusting.

  4. Ordered October 4, 2020. Got package November 6, 2020. Love the top. Pants were marked the correct size on the outer plastic package, but the waistband and sticker on the inside were a different size. E- mailed them on the original order for the correct size and where to return pants. Waiting to hear.

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