Caradino Bras Reviews [Feb] Legit or a Scam Site?

Caradino Bras Reviews [Feb] Legit or a Scam Site?

Caradino Bras Reviews [Feb] Legit or a Scam Site? -> With the help of this content you will get to know about an online website selling innerwear clothes at reduced prices.

Have you thought of buying Quality innerwear to buy online? Have your innerwear made you feel suffocated? If yes, is the place for all your innerwear clothes needs.

That is a website created to sell innerwear clothes online. The website offers luxury for ladies to buy innerwear clothes as per their size and fit. 

The products available on the website are for a different size and offers heavy discount on all its products. 

The website company is offering its services in and around the United States.  The website company is offering heavy discounts on all its products available on the website. 

There are many things to share and understand the website. It is crucial to keep reading the article until the very end to know the Caradino Bras Reviews and the website’s clear update.

What is 

An online website is selling ladies innerwear clothes at cheap prices. The products available on the website are of different sizes and fit. The website shows the fitting of the innerwear with a video presentation on the product link given on the website. 

All the products’ prices are very cheap and are less than half the price. After clicking on any product link given on the website. The specification of the product and the different sizes available has got shared for customer understanding. 

The website has many details to be shared with the end-user. Without wasting any time, let’s understand the Caradino Bras Reviews for everyone’s safety.

Specification of 

  • Website Type: An online website selling innerwear clothes at affordable rates
  • Payment Mode : visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal
  • Shipping duration: shipping cost gets calculated and updated on the total cost
  • Shipping rates: Gets calculated at the final stage
  • Cancellation of order: The Company offers a refund within 3o days from the order 
  •  Physical address: Industrial Blvd 2438, Abilene, #569, TX 79605, United States
  •  Contact number: Contact number not updated
  •  Email address:

Pros of shopping from

  • The products are available at affordable prices.
  • positive reviews available on the website from its customers

Cons of shopping from 

  •  No positive Caradino Bras Reviews available
  • No social media links on the website
  • Not active on social media handles
  • Domain age is zero days. 
  • Excess reduced prices for all products
  • Two-language used on the website.
  • No third-party reviews are available on the website.
  • Not trustworthy and more of a suspicious website.
  • No support from customer care available on the website.
  • Website built to scam buyers of their money.
  • One product uploaded on the website twice, and everything same.

Is Caradino Bras Legit or not? 

After going through SSL Certification, domain age of zero-days, no social links on the website, and not active on any social media handles. The website is suspicious and more of a scam. 

The domain age is the deciding factor for it to make it a legitimate website. But the domain age being zero only shows the credibility of the site online.  

There are two languages used on the website, and the second language is Hindi for a company in the United StatesBuyers have to be conscious of these kinds of websites as their motive is to dupe people of their money. 

What are Caradino Bras Reviews?

After finding social media links and social media reviews for the website, we could not find any social presence on the website except the reviews shared on the website. The website age of zero-days makes it all the more suspicious for a new user. 

The reviews of this website are not positive as there are two language used on the website. The payment page has another language shared on the website, making it suspicious for anyone.

The buyer has to be very wise and to answer your question, Is Caradino Bras Legit or not. The website is not legitimate and more of a scam website. 

Final Verdict

The careful analysis and looking after the certificate of SSL and domain age of zero-days. Nothing is available on line if we talk about the social media platforms. The website is suspicious and more of a scam website. 

The website got created with the purpose to dupe buyers of their money. Buyers become convinced by looking at the product offering and such reduced prices to purchase on the website. 

People have to be aware of this website and share it with others about the website. It is crucial to try to find any Caradino Bras Reviews for your safety.

10 thoughts on “Caradino Bras Reviews [Feb] Legit or a Scam Site?

  1. I ordered some bras and have not received them or heard a thing about my order but my charge card was charged so where is my order. I’m turning this over to fraud dept with capital one

  2. I ordered 2 bras and finally did receive them. It did take a while. I actually like them but they are too small. Im going to try to contact them for a return/ exchange. I’ll keep ya posted.

  3. Ok so i emailed them and i quickly got a responce. Th ed y are sending me the correct size and they dint want me to return the ones i already got. So I think they are legit. Just have to wait another 3 weeks. Only downfall with them is it takes a while to get your stuff.

  4. It took a month to receive my bras that were not even close to the description – after contacting them only by email, they only want to give a small percentage of a refund. After battling more, they said I can return the bras to some Sweatshop in vietnam which will cost over $30. I recommend to never buy from them

  5. I placed my order on February 1, 2021 and still not received my order. Visa card charged that day. Cant locate a phone number for them. Emailed them the 1st time around February 5 to inquire about order and I received an email back on Feb 6 telling me my order should arrive Feb 19 but would definitely have no later than the 26th. W E L L today is March 4th and still don’t have it. I have emailed them 3 more times since Feb 26 with no response

    1. I ordered and was charged Jan .30th,2021.never received my bra. No tracking number not even it’s been shipped .I’m going to report it in 48 hours . To give the support staff that time frame to make right

  6. I’m still waiting on my order and trying to find a contact number or a email address and cannot find any anywhere

  7. I purchased 2 bras on line, it took over a month to receive them. When I did, they are not the correct size and I cannot contact anyone to return. I sent an email but have not heard a word!! Very disappointed! Do not order these bras!!

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