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Blissy Pillowcase Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Blissy Pillowcase Reviews

Blissy Pillowcase Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> In this review, we cover all the benefits of using a pillowcase made of mulberry silk.

Do you know that experts recommend using silk pillowcases? They mainly recommend silk pillowcases for skin and hair care. 

The silk pillowcases are friendly to your hair strands. Your hair doesn’t get stuck in the pillowcase fibers, and therefore, it will result in less breakage. 

Blissy Pillowcases are well-known in the market as they are made of mulberry silk. Therefore, we have done one of the most detailed Blissy Pillowcase Reviews so that you can decide if it is suitable for you. Many people in the United States have already bought Blissy pillowcases. Please read this article completely to find out how it helped people to get better sleep.

What Is Blissy Pillowcase?

Blissy Pillowcase is a 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase. It has many properties that you cannot find in a normal pillowcase. 

It is very smooth and has more silk than any other silk products. It’s because the mulberry silk is the silk of the highest quality in the world. The silkworms grow by feeding on mulberry leaves. As a result, they produce silk of the highest quality.

The silk is antibacterial and remains cool during the warm temperatures. Therefore, you can get peaceful sleep even on warm days. 

You can easily buy the pillowcases on the Blissy website. There are multiple payment options available for payment. Moreover, the pillowcases come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Specifications Of Blissy Pillowcase Website:

  • Product: Blissy Pillowcase
  • Email: 
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Google Pay, Credit Card, etc
  • Processing time: 1-3 days
  • Shipping time: 1-2 weeks
  • Shipping cost: Depends on your location
  • Returns: Applicable within 60 days after delivery
  • Refunds: Applicable
  • Exchanges: Not specified
  • Contact Address: 3900 W Alameda Ave 12th Floor, Burbank CA 91505
  • Contact Number: (888) 590-9670

Pros Of Buying The Blissy Pillowcase:

  • The Blissy Pillowcase is anti-bacterial and doesn’t collect dust and mites.
  • Your hair and skin remain smooth and damage-free on the silk pillowcase
  • The pillowcase is made of 100% pure mulberry silk
  • It remains clean as it doesn’t absorb sweat and dust like the cotton pillowcases
  • There are different colors of pillowcases on the website
  • It is available in different sizes

Cons Of Buying The Blissy Pillowcase:

  • The Blissy website does not mention any exchange policy
  • There is no average estimated shipping cost displayed on the website
  • You must wash the pillowcase with a special detergent
  • Since the pillowcase is very smooth, it can fall off from your bed while you are sleeping
  • You cannot use a dryer. It would help if you aired dry the pillowcase.

Is Blissy Pillowcase Legit?

The Blissy website registered its domain name in the year 2017. As a result, it has successfully completed three years online.

The Blissy Pillowcase has genuine mulberry silk. In fact, it has 20% more silk than any other silk pillowcase. 

Blissy has an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It also has many positive reviews on the internet. Therefore, we can conclude that the Blissy website is both legit and trustworthy.

What Are People Saying About The Blissy Pillowcase?

Many people claim that they didn’t know the incredible benefits of using silk pillowcases until they tried it. The customers say that it showed unbelievable results on their skin and hair.For a long time, experts have recommended using silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones. That’s because silk pillowcases are soft and don’t cause friction with hair. Moreover, they don’t absorb sweat, dust, and oils. Therefore, they remain clean.

Since the Blissy Pillowcases are made of mulberry skin, they are antibacterial. The people who have tried the Blissy Pillowcases are extremely happy with the product. In fact, they have ordered more pillowcases for their family and relatives.

Final Verdict:

Everyone deserves a good sleep. However, most of us don’t get it. Most of the time, it is because we keep sweating on the hot days and the sweat on the pillowcases gets irritating.

Moreover, the pillowcases get warm due to the heat of our bodies and we keep switching to the cool sides. However, Blissy Pillowcases solve this problem. 

The surface of Blissy Pillowcases remains cool all the time. It is a special quality of the mulberry silk. If you buy Blissy Pillowcases, then the irritating pillowcases won’t be the cause of your sleeplessness anymore.

We recommend you to buy the pillowcases and experience the incredible changes yourself.


  1. All of the sites claiming to be “Reviews” are reviews
    generated by the company and are always positive .

    They never talk about poor customer service or
    that you have to iron the pillow cases after washing
    in special detergent with possible dye leaching.

  2. Browsed their site, clicked when they said I qualified for a 50% off deal – 3 cases for about $60 – then my papypal account was charged for $180! I called the Blissy helpline immediately to cancel and got a recording saying they were closed- it was midday on a Wednesday!

    I am disputing the claim with PayPal. Definitely a scam. I should have known from the structure of the websites. You have to click numerous times to get any kind of pricing info. Don’t do it!

  3. Avoid if you don’t want to be scammed. Appalling company with useless customer services.
    Ignores emails and when prompted replies with insolence. No mention of duty taxes on website or invoice so expect to pay twice as much as original item.
    Total scam.

  4. I ordered and paid for over £100 of bliss pillows on my mobile
    Thinking I would have christ
    As sorted
    I have received nothing Nada diddly sqaut

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