Bedfordshire Flood Warnings (Dec 2020) Alert!


Bedfordshire Flood Warnings (Dec 2020) Alert! >> This article discusses the current flood warnings in Bedfordshire and updates related to the same.  

A dreadful situation arises in Bedfordshire amid the pandemicBedfordshire Flood Warnings in the East of England, within the United Kingdomsaw heavy rainfall on the eve of Christmas. Bedfordshire is currently under ‘tier four – stay at home’ covid-19 restrictions which ban household mixing. 

More than 1300 people have been told to evacuate the area. Before leaving their homes, people were urged to turn off their water, gas and electricity supply to save the resources and prevent causalities. Emergency assistance centres and evacuation centres have been set up at Bedford International Athlete Stadium and Bromham Village Hall for the people who have nowhere else to go.

How did Bedfordshire flood warnings occur?

On Boxing Day due to the heavy rainfalls because of ‘Storm Stella’, river Great Ouse bursts out of its banks at Bedford and ever since several flood warnings have been issued all across Bedfordshire and nearby placesFor the United Kingdom, this is a dreadful situation for several reasons such as recent wet weather, flooding, rising number of covid-19 cases. On the day of Christmas, more than 1300 people living near the Great Ouse River were advised to evacuate the area as soon as possible. 

What do the authorities say about the Bedfordshire flood warnings?

Dave Hodgson, Mayor of Bedford said that the floods were set to be the worst seen in Bedfordshire for several years. The Bedford police said the flooding situation overrides the current Covid-19 regulations and urged the people to turn off their water, gas and electricity supply. 

The Environment Agency said there had been heavy rain across the Great Ouse catchment and a lot more was expected to happen bringing ‘significant’ disruption to the community. The fire service said their crew was working on diverting the water but the volume of water made the situation “very, very difficult”.

Where else has the Bedfordshire flood warnings been issued?

Three severe flood warnings have been issued in: 

  1. Cogenhoe Hill Caravan Site 
  2. River Nene at Billing Aquadrome will nearby business parks have also been covered and, 
  3. Wider area at risk from the River Great Ouse at Bedford. 

On the day of Christmas, a flooding situation arose which forced numerous residents living in parts of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom to flee their homes after the river burst out of its bank and flooded the roads and bridges. A flood warning has also been issued for the River Nene. Severe flood warnings are equal to danger to life. Evacuation centres are also being set up for people who have nowhere else to go.

Will it get worse?

Highways England has issued advice for drivers to check the weather before travelling in the southeast of England. Disruption is expected in other modes of transport as well. The executive director of local operations at the Environment Agency has said that while the river levels are already above high, more rain is suspected at Bedford.Stay alert about Bedfordshire Flood Warnings

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