Beats Flex Review (Oct) Low-Cost Wireless Earbuds!

Beats Flex Review (Oct) Low-Cost Wireless Earbuds!

Beats Flex Review (Oct) Low-Cost Wireless Earbuds! >> The post helps readers learn more about the wireless headphone and their specifications to make the right buying decision. 

Beats Flex Review: Do you want to experience a bigger battery, bigger bass with a tiny price tag? Are you looking for a headphone that can surpass your music streaming expectation? The Apple-owned, Beats brings a brand new headphone, Beats Flex, that delivers balanced sound, bigger bass, higher battery, and easy pairing option. Above all, it is smaller and affordable than the classic folding wireless headphones.

Beats Flex is the wired-wireless headphone with 2nd Gen BeatsX sound and the best headset performance for music streaming and voice calls. The new $50 headphone by the brand is very smart and available in a neckband-style option.

It offers longer 12 hours of battery backup and has a comfortable and snug fit that eliminates the hassles of losing the TWS earphones. The headphone is designed using the latest audio drivers and technologies at a certified facility in the United States and shipped across Canada and the United Kingdom.    

What is Beats Flex?

Beats Flex is the new wired-wireless earphone launched at Apple’s event to substitute the previous version, BeatsX. It is the upgraded version of its predecessor available at a much lower price of $50. 

Beats Flex comes with Apple W1 Wireless Chip, up to 12 hours of battery life, a built-in sensor for auto pause and play, laser-cut micro venting chamber that reduces the ear pressure. Despite being the cheaper version, it sports a new driver for the best audio quality and voice calls. 

It comes with a digital processor that tunes the music for a balanced sound. The package includes a USB-C Type cable for charging, and it uses Bluetooth 4.2V for easy and smooth connectivity. The headphone is designed at the United States facility and shipped across Canada and the United Kingdom.

Let us move ahead in this Beats Flex Review to know more.


  • Latest and advanced acoustic drivers 
  • Magnetic earbuds with auto play/pause option
  • Neckband style design
  • Advanced built-in MIC to reduce wind noise
  • 12 hours of streaming experience with USC-C charging
  • On-Device control to adjust volume, control music, and activate the voice assistant
  • Beats Application for Android users 

Pros of Beats Flex

  • Affordable pricing than its predecessor
  • Improvised voice calls, sound, and battery backup
  • Smooth and best wireless connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Auto-pause magnetic earbuds
  • Easy pairing option with all Apple devices 
  • Easy to use controls 
  • Many positive responses and Beats Flex Review online
  • Lightweight and comfortable without in-ear pressure 

Cons of Beats Flex

  • Neckband style which is old fashioned
  • Android users need to use Beasts App for connecting it
  • The noise cancellation is average 
  • No IPX Rating
  • Controls are quite finicky to operate 

Is Beats Flex Legit or a Scam?

Based on the ratings, reviews, and the brand backing the product, Beats Flex seems to be legit. The product is from Apple’s audio subsidiary brand, Beats, and it is enough to confirm the product’s legitimacy. However, the performance and quality can only be evaluated by the users of the product. The product has a mixed Beats Flex Review online, where the maximum number of users is highly satisfied with its performance and quality, while some are not satisfied. 

Therefore, it is requested that buyers must do their research before buying it to know whether it suits their expectations or not. You will find many online reviews available about the product, and the number of positive responses is higher than the negative ones. Plus, it has received a 4+ rating out of 5 in some review portals. All these things make Beats Flex a legit product to buy. 

Customer’s Reviews

As mentioned, soon after its launch, the product started grabbing all Apple device lovers’ attention, and people are surprised to have such a powerful headphone for less price. You will find many positive responses and Beats Flex Review online. 

A large number of customers are satisfied with the quality, music performance, and audio drivers. Some customers are not satisfied with its short charging cable. Some people have said that it doesn’t fit well in-ear and falls out often. Moreover, the product is not IPX rated, and hence the waterproofing is questionable. Buyers must do online research before buying the product and check for online reviews before making a decision.

Final Thought

Beats Flex is the best and affordable wireless headphone that promises to deliver basic onboard controls with easy pairing. It has a long-lasting battery backup than its predecessor, and the overall voice call quality is satisfactory.

As per the online Beats Flex Review, the headphone does a great job as claimed. If music streaming quality is not a primary concern for you, it is the best headphone to buy. 

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