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Beathel Clothing Reviews [Sep] Check If It Is A Scam!

Beathel Clothing Reviews 2020

Beathel Clothing Reviews [Sep] Check If It Is A Scam! >> This post will review a website that exclusively deals with women clothing and styling.

The struggle to look at your best is for real these days. Individuals these days can compromise on anything but not with their fashion. The term fashion includes how an individual is dressed, how their closet has been set, and how they carry on their apparel. So today, we are going to discuss one of such fashion website through Beathel Clothing Reviews.

As for now, the portal is operating in the United States.

If you have been searching for a perfect fashion store for yourselves, then this blog is just for you. We are going to explore one such website named Beathel Clothing. This is one of the new and upcoming websites that we will study and find it as a scam or a legit one.

The website is majorly investing in women’s clothing on a global basis. Please go through our blog entirely to extract more information about this website.

Introduction to Beathel Clothing

Beathel Clothing can be termed as a boon for ladies of the United States.This is a perfect go-to option for the girls who have are conscious about maintaining their closet with all the designer clothing and to be at a pace with the ongoing trends.

They have an incredible yet massive collection of printed dresses, maxi dresses, midi dresses, casual gowns, two-piece collections, mini dresses, tees, pajama collection, loungewear, etc.

Girls love to get dressed in the best attire and pair them with super trendy and fashionable apparel. They know that the way you style yourself tells a lot about your personality without you needed to speak. It is needless to say that purchasing clothes online has always been risky because you can’t be assured about the quality.

In the worst scenario, the websites also turn out to be fake. Let us see if this is a website you can trust upon with the help ofBeathel Clothing Reviews.

Specifications of Beathel Clothing

  • Website: This website is about trendy and fashionable women outfits and apparels
  • Address: Fifth floor, 3 Gower Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1E 6HA
  • Email Address:
  • Contact number: No contact number has been provided on the website
  • Shipping charges: Free shipping for orders above $79
  • Expected delivery: Postal shipping and express shipping can take around 25 business days
  • Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro
  • Cancellation: the order will be fully refunded if canceled within 24 hours. For orders canceled after 24 hours but before shipment, there will be a cancellation of 10%
  • Return or Exchange: There is a 30 days return or exchange policies with certain conditions as per Beathel Clothing Reviews

Positive Points of Beathel Clothing

  • Wide range of options: A wide and appealing variety of clothing is available
  • Free shipping: Free shipping for orders over 79$
  • Easy exchange policy: Beathel Clothing Reviews suggest that it has an easy exchange policy of 30 days
  • Payment assurance: there is 100% payment assurance
  • Payment options available: sufficient payment options are available
  • Refund of full amount: the price of the product will be fully refunded if the order is canceled within 24 hours
  • Valid https protocol: this website has a correct https protocol
  • Social media presence: active social media presence on instagram and Facebook

Negative Points of Beathel Clothing

  • No contact number: there is no contact number provided on the website by Beathel Clothing Reviews
  • No customer reviews: there are no customer reviews on the website
  • No cancellation after shipping: there is no cancellation option available after the order being shipped
  • Cancellation fee: there is a 10% cancellation fee if the order is canceled after 24 hours
  • High prices: the clothes on this website have a little high price

Beathel Clothing: Scam or Legit

Beathel clothing Reviews have been an unbiased article for all our readers. The contact number is not provided on the website. The fishiest thing about this website is that this website has recently come into existence. We cannot trust a website that is so new and not having enough reviews as well.

So it would be better not to place the trust on this website so soon. Maybe it comes out to be a legit one later, but we would recommend not trying on this one for now.

Customer Reviews

There were a few customer reviews about the website. Beathel Clothing Reviews got us to one of the very few studies available on the internet. It was a positive review, rating 4.1 stars on this website.

On the other platforms, we found some of the mixed reviews. Some customers are happy that they got the ordered products but some are not recommending this site.

Final Verdict

The final verdict about this website is that this is a suspicious website and possibly a scam. We would not recommend you all to invest in such a website. But if you still wish to purchase from this site, then we suggest you should go for in-depth research and then make your order.

Kindly let us know what you think about this. We are here to read everything you have to say.


  1. I’ve ordered, they will not respond, charged credit card. I’ll dispute if they don’t respond today. Nothing shipped, nothing arrived.

  2. If I could give NO STARS, I would!
    Garbage quality and garbage customer service! I asked to return items from my order- and have been interrogated and refused in my request for over a week! They told me to send photos of myself. WHY would I ever?! What kind of sick operation is this. Refusing to give me any refund because “shipping is too costly”. Who are these people?! Now I’m stuck with crap paper thin shirts that fit like a toddler cut and sewed them. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING HERE!

    1. Clothes are trash. The photos you see are stolen from other quality clothing catalogs. They try to duplicate the look of these clothes with cheap homemade looking polyester with ugly print.

  3. this is SCAM!!!! Do not waste your time, and money for junk, cheaply done stuff from china. These fabrics are horrible, badly done, Customer service demand pictures to proof what is wrong with these item. They never approve request for return. You will be stuck with JUNK!

  4. All I asked for from this company was what their return policy was. They emailed me asking for pictures and to give them more information. I wanted to return the purchases because of the quality of the fabric. I expected cotton blend and the fabric to feel like cotton. Instead the fabric was shiny and felt like 100% polyester. I do not knowingly buy polyester because it is a synthetic that feels awful to touch and wear and makes me cold or hot depending on the weather conditions. Their weren’t any fabric content tag on the items which is very unusual. The site stated that they were a cotton blend with cotton as the first listed which should mean it is primary. I will respond to their email stating that I was unhappy with the fabric quality. I doubt they will accept my reason and it will be tied up long enough it’ll be past the number of days they will accept returns. I will not send a picture. I definitely will never purchase anything else from this company. Lesson learned.

  5. I ordered 9/11/2020 have not heard a word from them, and my cc has been charged. Do not order from this company!!! I am in the process of disputing this charge.

  6. This company is a SCAM. The clothing is cheap and poorly made, and the sizing is fit for children. The materials are all the same – a thin, shiny, polyester. The “sweatshirt” is a cheap t-shirt. The “textured blouse” is a cheap t-shirt. I am embarrassed I fell for this false advertising. It took 2 months to receive the order and they won’t accept a return.

  7. All of the above comments apply. I wish I had done my research as I normally do. Sorry that I didn’t and won’t make this mistake again!

  8. Dress Fashion / Beathel – Buyer Beware

    Poor quality – tried to return. First they said no returns. Second they said I could keep the order and they would refund $30.00. Third they said if I paid to mail the return to Dubai they would give me a maximum $52.00 refund. 3rd I filed a claim with PayPal. Now if I pay to return the order to China they will give me a full refund of $157.95. It costs $80.80 to mail it to China. Google their many names – I ordered from Beathel. It came from Dress Fashion / Buyer beware.

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