Balik Pinas Ph (Apr 2021) OSS For Covid-19 Testing!

Balik Pinas Ph (Apr 2021) OSS For Covid-19 Testing!

Balik Pinas Ph (Apr 2021) OSS For Covid-19 Testing! >> This article tells you about a website that Filipinos returning from abroad must visit for Covid -19 testing.

If you’re returning from a foreign country, you need to visit Balik Pinas ph and sign up for a test. As part of a safety measure, ROFs need to get tested for COVID before re-entering society. It will help reduce the spread of infection in the country. 

If you’re a ROF or someone else in your knowledge, you should ask them to check this website. All the other crucial information will be revealed in this article, so please keep reading this post for the Philippines’ users.

What is Balik Pinas ph?

The Balik Pinas ph is a website used to facilitate the testing of Filipinos returning to the country from abroad. It is a portal of OSS or One Stop Shop. It aims to test the ROFs, or Returning Overseas Filipinos for the Coronavirus. 

It is an initiative by government organizations where you have to fill out some forms to get tested. All the information you enter is your sole responsibility, and any mistake is upon you. All the personal information entered will be kept private. 

The Coronavirus has shaken the whole world, and no country is left untouched by its impact; the Philippines is no exception either. Coronavirus has caused a significant amount of loss in the country. By getting tested via this platform, ROFs will help stop the spread of the virus. 

Services of Balik Pinas

According to the information available on Balik Pinas ph, some of its services are given below:

  • The website is the online portal for returning Filipinos to schedule their COVID testing.
  • This testing will help stop the spread of infection from people returning from foreign countries.
  • You can register to get tested in many places.
  • You can register for a test on CRK, Clark International Airport.
  • You can also register for testing on Health Metrics.
  • Alternatively, you can also register for NAIA E-CIF.
  • Contact: 639171791903
  • Email:

Final Verdict

The infection rate of Coronavirus is different in every country. Some countries have a higher rate while some have a lower rate, but this balance can be disturbed if people from one county could be freely entering another country without any restrictions. 

It would lead to the mass widespread of the infection. In a too severe case, the situation may even get out of control. People who work in foreign countries return to their country to be with their families in these challenging times. Along with themselves, they might bring a chance of spreading the infection.

Philippines’ government has come up with a solution to this problem in Balik Pinas ph. On this website, citizens returning to their country from abroad must fill a form and have them tested to ensure that they’re not carrying the virus. It will help keep the family members of the citizen safe along with the entire society. 

If you’re among such people, we recommend you fill the form quickly. Let us know what you think about this site in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello po good day. Pa update po ako sana ng result ng swab. Dumating po ako noong October 22 but until now November1 still wala pa po yong result. Sana po may makatulong.

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