Art Text 4 Fulfills Typography Trends {Sept 2020} Graphic Design

Art Text 4 Fulfills Typography Trends 2020

Art Text 4 Fulfills Typography Trends {Sept 2020} Graphic Design >> Typography is one of the key pillars of graphic design that deals with text style, as well as its arrangement and appearance

Art Text 4 Fulfills Typography Trends is often thought to be all about various fonts. However, several techniques enable a designer to go beyond usual type choices and make text not only readable but also visually appealing. Nowadays we consume written information everywhere and all the time, be it a brochure, advertising, product packaging, website, or shop front… Typography is literally all around. In this article, we will look into some of its popular trends, as well as areas of their application.

Art Text 4 Fulfills Typography Trends

To create your own text effect and typography graphics, try Art Text 4 for Mac. This easy to use graphic design software is all you need to create artistic text graphics. With Art Text you will create watercolor typography, text over image graphics, 3D text, retro style typography, neon and glow text effects.

Aquarelle Typography

We can safely assume that watercolor typography is the oldest trend of all as it can be traced back to cave art. Needless to say, its use pattern has greatly evolved by now. Watercolor typography adds sophistication to any project and is especially popular when it comes to designing greeting cards and festive patterns.

The watercolor graphics is still on top of its relevance, even in this digital age. Furthermore, it is becoming an increasingly popular trend in digital art. Art Text is one of the software tools to create aquarelle and watercolor effects for text and text style based graphics.

Text on Images

It has been long believed that a picture is worth a thousand words. And there are good reasons for that as visual information is perceived better and easier. It means that the graphical representation of content can be hardly underestimated. An idea to combine photos and text set a stage for a new design trend that has unsurprisingly been gaining momentum for the last few years. Positioning text over an image is widely used in Web Design.

There are various techniques and ways to put text and photos together. Blurring image is among the most popular ones since it provides a contrast between the background and the text.

3D Typography

3D computer graphics for home PCs was first released in the late 1970s. As to 3D typography, it has stolen the show since 3D grew popular. If you want to create 3D text effects, there are many techniques available, including shading, perspective adjustment, embossing, applying 3D textures, and more.

Needless to say that 3D typography of the 1990s is mostly understood to be the vintage one. Today we see the 3D typography that has significantly evolved. Its advanced lighting features and a wide range of photorealistic textures enable a designer to make the text look as if it actually exists.

Use the Art Text app to create complete and realistic 3D typography even though it is not a 3D modeling software. Art Text automatically creates a 3D typography from the font you choose. You will be assisted by numerous features and effects, including light spots that can be adjusted, soft shadows that are extremely realistic, as well as a wide range of 3D textures and bump mappings to produce true to life 3D text.

Retro Text Styles

There are a lot of new typography trends and types. Yet, the retro trend is not forgotten and it does not seem to get outdated. The retro style in typography can be put to good use with the relevant message and content of the design. Retro style in typography is accentuated with certain features, which include: aging, simple 3D, perspective words, and colored outlines. Professionally-designed text graphics in retro style will convey a warm atmosphere of memories making readers go through the entire content with a positive and comfortable experience.

Filling Text with Objects

Imagine a child lays out shells to spell the word “SEA”. In the typography, a similar effect can be achieved through the Spray Fill, a digital technique performed by filling a font shape with various objects. It is a rather eye-catching trend and an efficient tool to attract readers’ attention. Art Text offers a wide variety of objects to compose words such as coffee beans, leaves, fruits, sparkles, and more.

Calligraphy Text Effects

Calligraphy is a visual art and technique of handwriting. Aesthetic and artistic letters are created with special flat-edged pens, brushes, and other writing tools. In the digital era, calligraphy followed the path taken by most of the actual art and design trends, shifted to digital graphics, and exists there in the form of handwritten typography.

There are a lot of font types available to imitate calligraphy style. Art Text offers a range of templates that use proprietary calligraphy style fonts, which users are free to use within the app.

Neon and Glow Effects

Neon and Glow is a typography trend that can be often seen, for instance, on posters, advertising materials, or movie titles. Several graphic design applications enable a designer to create such text effects. Photoshop and Art Text are an example of these apps. The neon and glow effect are very appealing. But creating it is a challenging and time-consuming task requiring certain design skills. However, don’t be discouraged. Art Text 4 makes it very easy to create your own 3D text with neon or glowing surface thanks to a variety of material presets and 3D effects.

It is really up to you what typography trend to use. Just keep in mind that it should correspond to the content and atmosphere to be conveyed. Then typography will be your powerful tool to draw attention, elicit emotions, and convey readers the intended message.

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