Apviaal com Reviews [Jan 2021] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Apviaal com Reviews [Jan 2021] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Apviaal com Reviews [Jan 2021] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> The website we are talking about today is a one-stop for amazing Indian Wear.

The trend for new and appealing Indian Wear is on the rise, and people nowadays are switching towards Indian Wear.

The comparison of Indian Wear with any other clothing form is unmatchable, and people are finding it more attractive and promising. Be it any occasion, event, or religious gathering; people find Indian Wear the go to and the most appealing one.

This website that we are talking about today is the one that has a vast collection of Indian Wear and has several options to choose from. 

These Apviaal com Reviews will be letting our readers know about this fantastic website and help them clear all the doubts that they might have in their minds related to this website.

We would also like to tell you that this website originates and is operating from India.

What is Apviaal com?

As we all know, India is really famous for its diverse culture and traditions. The clothing variety, the food, and the picturization is just excellent and unbeatable.

People like to visit India to enjoy the culture and the traditional celebrations that are done in India. In these cases, the clothing is the one and the first thing that attracts the people towards the country. 

Indian clothing is already famous for the styles, designs, colors, and the way to wear it.

These Apviaal com Reviews will be about this website, Apviaal com, which has a vast collection of Indian Wear for the ladies and has given them a different option to choose one.

This website has several options and categories. These include Western Wear, which has a top and T-shirt, Kids, which has Girls and Boys, Women, which has saree, kurti, and lehenga choli. The website has a more section as well, which has Wachler_ N_Store, Top Selling, Wachler_N_Watch. 

This website also has a regular discount of upto 70% off.

The variety and options available have meager prices and are not at all expensive. They are available at nominal prices with huge types.

Specifications of Apviaal com 

  • Website: https://www.apviaal.com/
  • The website has a seven days return policy.
  • The website is currently active.
  • Website type: Indian Wear
  • Collection for: Women, Men, and kids
  • The website is 17 days old.
  • Email- Apviaal20@gmail.com
  • The website offers clothes at very nominal prices.

Advantages of Apviaal com 

  • The website has all Indian Wear
  • The collection is for all genders and age groups
  • They have suits, sarees, lehengas 
  • The website also has some options for western Wear as well
  • Goods can be returned within seven days of purchase
  • They also have a gifting option

Disadvantages of Apviaal com 

  • The website is just 17 days old
  • They do not have any contact option but only have a contact form
  • The website has some spelling mistakes as well
  • The website does not have any social media presence
  • No shipping detail is mentioned on the page

Is Apviaal com legit?

Apviaal com is a website that has got these amazing clothing items for the people in the Indian Wear section where they can choose and have the item as per their comfort and styling. The range is impressive, and they do have many options to choose from. The website has mentioned details for return but no information regarding the shipping policies. The website is found to be just 17 days old, which is very little time to trust or review a website.

No Apviaal com Reviews could be found on this website. One youtube review could be found, which also mentioned that the website could be a scam. 

The website has also attached a Facebook logo, but clicking on it leads to nowhere. The website also sells these items at a very low price, which is again a red flag.

Thus, we would say that this website is a scam, and people should do proper research before buying from here.

What are the customer reviews?

As we went ahead with our research and discovered some facts about Apviaal com Reviews, we found no reviews on the website. Plus, no reviews were found on the internet.

Final Verdict

To know a website better, we need to do proper research and find some valuable information for the readers. We found that the website is just 17 days old and is not a very old website. The website also has no customer reviews on the website or on the internet.

They do not have any social media presence, as well. The website has mentioned just a contact email id and has skipped on other information such as the contact number and the contact address.

Thus, here we would say that the website is a scam.

0 thoughts on “Apviaal com Reviews [Jan 2021] Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. apviaal.com is a fake one. I lost my money, for that i approach the customer care. They are cheating fellows… I lost my total amount which was in my account. please don’t believe

  2. Apviaal is a online fraud.
    I saw their ads in youtube and tried to purchase online.
    After paying online, for delivery if approached, talking for refund policy and are trying to take card numbers, CVV, expiry date and otp.
    He also said google pay and is asking all details again.
    To make refund or to do google pay, none need all this details.
    Every clear, this people are fraud. they call me from 9510808397, 9223274424
    When asked why ne need all this for refund, he has disconnected the call.

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