Apefruitey com Reviews [Nov] Will It Legit For Shop?

Apefruitey com Reviews [Nov] Will It Legit For Shop?

Apefruitey com Reviews [Nov] Will It Legit For Shop? -> The article gives you a detailed report on a webshop selling wiggy hairbands.

Have you ever bought hairband wigs online? A company website Apefruitey.com has recently started selling Wigs for women in the form of hairbands. We will be discussing this webshop to give you Apefruitey com Reviews further in this post. As the webshop is relatively new on the web, it becomes crucial to know everything about it. 

Several scams going on the internet today marked it a prerequisite to analyze a new website correctly before purchasing anything from it. Thus, we have given a full report on this new webstore that sells wiggy hairbands. The webstore is from the United States and is only two months old. Thus, we suggest you judge it entirely before finalizing any purchase. 

What is Apefruitey.com?

The webshop, which is only two months old, sells wiggy hairballs in various ranges. They have lowered the prices to almost 50 percent on their website, and free shipping is available for orders above $35. They deliver in 7 to 20 days and provide refunds for orders within 14 days. They also offer a 100-percent money-back guarantee. 

You can make purchases using various payment methods like PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, etc. There is no address of the United States webstore available, nor any phone number is given for the customers. However, you can mail them on the email ID available on the webshop. 

Specifications of Apefruitey.com 

  • Webstore Type – Sellers of Wiggy Hairbands for women
  • Country of Webstore – United States
  • Shipping charge – Nil above $35
  • Returns – Available within 14 days
  • Email – daysinfor@bzbzshop.com
  • Address- Not available
  • Phone – Not available
  • Payments modes – Visa, American Express, Mastercard, PayPal
  • Social media – No presence is available.

Positive Features of Apefruitey.com 

  • The webstore offers a range of wiggy hairbands for women. 
  • They have highly lowered the rates for purchasing. 
  • Some positive Apefruitey com Reviews are available on the website.

Negative Features of Apefruitey.com 

  • The website is too new, and only two months old. It is too new to be trusted easily. 
  • The have lowered the prices too much, which is unbelievable. 
  • There are nil Apefruitey com Reviews available on any review site on the internet
  • There is no presence available on social media websites. 
  • There is no contact address or phone number given for the buyers to contact. 

Is Apefruitey.com Legit?

To know about the legitimacy of this new webshop, we researched it on the web. The webshop is only two months old, and on checking, we did not find any Apefruitey com Reviews available anywhere on the web. The reviews are available only on the website and nowhere else, thus creating doubts about their authenticity. The website owner is hiding a lot of information, and no contact information is given to the customers.

There are no links found with social media websites like Facebook etc. And hence nil feedback. Due to the absence of any Apefruitey com Reviews on the entire web, people may doubt its legitimacy, and so do we. We cannot tell if it is a legit site and suggest you read further for the conclusion.

What Do People Say About Apefruitey.com?

Customers are the best source who gives others valuable feedback to know about a new webshop and its products. Hence, on looking through the entire internet, we could not get any Apefruitey com Reviews for the new webshop that sells wiggy hairbands. 

Neither has any social media links available nor does any feedback be present on any leading review site. Thus, a case of a doubtful webshop that is rarely known among the people. The presence of feedback only on the website also creates suspicion as the customers who like products usually write on other sites. But that is absent in this case, and hence we doubt its legitimacy. 

The Final Thought 

After a detailed analysis and careful research, we concluded that the webstore selling wiggy hairbands is not a trustworthy site. Presently we can say that due to the absence of any feedback and nil contact details. The absence of transparency with a customer creates doubts usually, and so is the case here. The webshop is very unpopular among online users, and hence nil Apefruitey com Reviews are available. 

We recommend that the readers be careful while purchasing anything from new sites like this and judge them entirely before taking any step. You are free to give your feedback below if you come across any new findings of this new webshop. 

0 thoughts on “Apefruitey com Reviews [Nov] Will It Legit For Shop?

  1. This is definitely a scam. I recently purchased a headband wig for $32 from them and payed additional for expedited shipping. Not only did it not come within the given time frame but when it did come it was a completely different wig than the one advertised. When I reached out they offered to refund me $8 and to keep the wig I recieved. When I declined, they offered a refund of $16. After I again demanded a full refund, I was told I would have to pay $20 for shipping and it could take up to a month to receive my refund. Stay away, do not purchase from this company!!

  2. I had the same experience. They only refunded me $16.64 after I told them I wanted full refund. They told me the same thing they told you. I tried to review the product on their website and they will not post my review. Terrible site with terrible hair.

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