Aol Update Scam [Oct 2020] A Phishing Email Scam!

Aol Update Scam 2020
Aol Update Scam [Oct 2020] A Phishing Email Scam! >> This article tells you about a phishing scam that’s gaining popularity on the internet. Please check the details now.

Phishing is the most common technique hackers use to scam users of their personal information and money. One such scheme is the Aol Update Scam, which robbed users of their personal information and can also cause loss of money and privacy by phishing for your AOL credentials.

We’ll disclose all the crucial information about this scam, so please keep on reading. Users in many countries like the United States and the United Kingdom have reportedly received this email.

What is Aol Update Scam?

AOL, or America Online, is a web portal based out of New York. It is a subsidiary of Verizon Media. The scam regarding the AOL mails is an attempt to obtain the login credentials and misuse it. 

In this scam, users receive mail allegedly from AOL, asking them to click on a link or delete their account. The users in many countries like the United States, the United Kingdom have received this mail. 

Details of the Aol Update Scam

The Aol Update Scam is a phishing scheme that has been gaining popularity on the internet. The details of it are given below:

  • It is a phishing email that several users have received.
  • In the email, the scammers pretend to be AOL administrators and ask users to click on a link.
  • The email also mentions that failure to click on the link within a specific time will lead to your account’s deletion.
  • On clicking the link, you’re redirected to a page where you’re asked to log in with your AOL credentials.
  • This website is a phishing website, and entering information on this site will send it to the scammers.
  • The scammers can use your credentials for a wide variety of frauds like monetary loss, selling of personal information, among others.

How to protect yourself from these scams?

By taking care of a few things from your end, you can stop yourself from falling prey to scam like the Aol Update Scam:

  • If you’ve received a suspicious mail with a file attached, don’t download it. The file might infect your system with malware and virus.
  • If you’ve received a text from your bank or some other organization asking for your personal information, call them first to confirm it.
  • Don’t click on any links that are attached to messages from unknown numbers.
  • Don’t download any application from an untrustworthy source.
  • When entering sensitive information on a website, ensure that the website is genuine and not a phishing site.
  • If you receive a lot of scam messages and emails, consider using the services of a software security company or application.

Final Verdict

Phishing scams have become quite common. If you don’t want to be a victim, you need to be aware and follow the security measures mentioned above to stay safe from schemes like the Aol Update Scam. If you’re among the users who have received the AOL mail, please look at the information mentioned earlier to know more about it. 

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