Antcozy Reviews [Mar 2021] Another Scam Site Or Legit One

Antcozy Reviews [Mar 2021] Another Scam Site Or Legit One

Antcozy Reviews [Mar 2021] Another Scam Site Or Legit One >> This article will give you a clearer understanding of the legitimacy of an online store that claims to sell blankets and other home comfort items.

Are you looking for some comfortable and cozy blankets and bed sheets for your home? Antcozy Reviews will help you find an online store that deals in these items at an attractive price range.

As you all know, online shopping is growing these days due to lockdown and pandemic across the world. This is the most significant reason people worldwide have switched to it for their desired products.

Going out for any small or big things can be risky for the people and their families, so the first preference is an online medium for any essential items they want. People find online shopping the easiest and comfortable way to get products delivered at their doorsteps. Now, online shopping has become the safest way also. 

Let us tell you that there are plenty of fake or scam websites coming up to scam the buyers of the United States. Today, we will be providing you all a detailed insight about an online store that claims to sell cozy and comfortable items for homes. 

What is is an online store that sells a fantastic variety of comfortable and cozy blankets, bedsheets, rugs, quilts, and much more at an attractive price range.

According to this Antcozy Reviews, this store has all the items you need for your comfort in your bedrooms, such as designer quilt blankets, bedding sets, rugs, round carpets, doormats, handmade pillowcases, and a most comprehensive home variety decor and home comfort items.

This store is attracting people from the United States because of the attractive price range of these items. All the items are listed at amazing discounts and offers. You can also check the customer Email support and the FAQs of this online store if you have any queries regarding the store or items.


  • Products – Carpets, doormats, rugs, bedding sets, blankets, and much more.
  • Website –
  • Email –
  • Address – Houston, Texas 77043, USA.
  • Delivery time – 4-6 weeks (due to pandemic) 
  • Delivery charges – Variable according to the order.
  • Return/Exchange – Within 30 days.
  • Refunds – Available.
  • Mode of Payment – Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, and PayPal. 

Pros of 

  • A wide variety of home comfort items.
  • Substantial discounts are available on various items.
  • The hand-picked variety is available.
  • Customer email support available.
  • The official address of the store is available.
  • Hassle-free 30 days return/exchange.
  • FAQs are mentioned.
  • Secure payment gateway.

Cons of 

  • The address of the store does not seem to be genuine.
  • No social media presence.
  • No customer Antcozy Reviews available.
  • This store is too new.
  • The prices of the products are too low to be trusted.
  • No online presence over the internet.

Is this Antcozy worth your money?

From our research, first, we should tell you that it is not legit and is a scam store. 

Let us tell you how and why this store is a scam. Firstly, the products’ prices are not genuine as this much lowest prices cannot be trusted, and no real website lists their items at much lower costs. 

Another thing which makes it ingenuine is the fake address of the store; according to our reviews, we haven’t found any customer reviews over the internet or any contact number on the website. 

Customer’s Feedback on 

If you read this Antcozy Reviews until here, you would know that this website is fake and scam. 

There is a vast difference between a simple website and a fake one because a real website always displays its customer reviews and adequately maintains them. Still, no fake website supports any customer reviews and doesn’t bother to update such reviews to attract potential customers.

We have found only positive customer ratings or reviews on the website, but there is nothing available over the internet.  Moreover, the social media links are also misleading.

Final Verdict 

Let’s conclude this Antcozy Reviews; our final word for this online store is about this website’s legitimacy. 

Our review has already told you all that this website is a scam and cannot be relied on as this is too new, and the prices of the items are either too low or available at huge discounts. Other than this, the physical address of this website is also fake, and the products’ images don’t seem genuine. 

Hence our last word for this website is that this is not legit and is a scam store. Please do not buy anything from this website and recommend these reviews to your near and dear ones. 

Please drop your comments about this website in the comments section below.

24 thoughts on “Antcozy Reviews [Mar 2021] Another Scam Site Or Legit One

  1. This website is truly a scam because one of the pictures is of a quilt I personally made. DO NOT SHARE YOUR INFO WITH ANTCOZY.COM

    1. A complete scam. After almost 2 months I received one of the two quilts ordered ‘if you can call it that’. It is thin like sheet material and the characters are cheaply printed no quilting at all.. Worst yet it shows a gray background and the background is a cheap white with a black trim and backing. Just horrible. I am in the process of trying to get a refund for the one I never received at least.

  2. What a scam! I ordered 2 – 8′ x 10′ rugs for $119.95 each. They showed up in a package aprox 15 inches long and 18″ wide. They’re about as thin as a bed sheet,…not even close to being a rug. I disputed with my credit card and the Co but still haven’t heard anything. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM ANTCOZY…..

    1. This site is definitely a scam. I FINALLY (after 2 months) received the “rug” I ordered from them. I paid over $100 for it, not including shipping. The looks like a cheap bath mat. It’s very thin and awful quality. Came shipped folded in a vacuum sealed bag. A scam and a rip off.

  3. I ordered rugs and they took my money and nothing came. Calling to make a dispute! Order rugs from Overstock. Nice rugs and came in 2 days.

  4. Ordered a “quilt” supposedly made of Kona cotton. The whole thing was poorly printed microfiber. When I requested an address to return the item for a full refund, I was told I would have to ship it to Hong Kong, or to save me money they would let me keep it and refund 50% of my purchase price. DO NOT PURCHASE!

  5. I ordered a 80.00 rug. Came in a 11×12 envelope pk. The rug was supposed to be 5×8. Im so mad. Its looks like a big placemat.

    1. I’m in the same boat. I order three of these big placemats and am trying to get my money back, $240. Have you had any luck?

  6. I ordered a quilt and the material came but was not quilted! The design is faded and out of focus. Definitely not a reputable place to shop. Very disappointing.

  7. TOTAL SCAM! I asked for one of their quilts as a Christmas gift & rec’d a quilt that looks more like a mover’s pad to protect furniture. When I sent request to their “support” email for refund or exchange, they said it was past 30 days since ordered. This quilt is not worth putting in our dog’s crate. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!! And they are not USA company.

  8. This is a scam company in my opinion. I ordered what looked like a beautiful quilt…it was trash. I emailed immediately and never heard back
    . 2 months later they contacted me with a copy of my email misdated ( yes they forged the date) and said I did not contact them within 30 days which is a lie. Do not buy from this company!!!!

  9. I ordered a Queen size quilt blanket and a throw quilt blanket ….the throw blanket arrived and it is a lot smaller than advertised , looks very cheap…not at all as advertised !! I am very disappointed. I paid with Paypal and would like a full refund !!

  10. I did not get the rug I ordered. Their rugs are very soft but very thin and come folded up in a 18×18 square that is about 6 inches thick. They did refund my costs after I complained of receiving the wrong item but still charged me shipping. We will use the rug we got as it is in my teens room but will not be ordering a replacement. The rug costs $100 and is worth about $40

  11. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE.!!’ What a rip off. A $60.00 for a rug that looks like shit. It’s felt!!!’ Nothing like the picture at all… lessened learned..

  12. Ordered three “throws” (should say throwaways!) Spent $150.00!!! Received cheap knock-offs. Terrible. Nothing like the pretty pictures on the website. What you get looks like a preschooler’s crayon drawing on thin nylon-type fabric with UGLY black backing. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY…BEWARE: they also operate under other names.

  13. I tried paypal they gave me a402 935 7733 # to call it just gave a bunch options recording i bought paid through them but this antecozy shit you have no contact with but sending email they never respond so its a mistake on me ordering a100.oo rug ill prob never see and wouldn’t want comments say there rugs are blankets with back on them say if it sounds to good to be true it is guess ill listen from now on and make sure from were I order from has contact info lol

  14. I ordered a rug back in January, & received it yesterday. it is a joke, not a rug , more like a cheap blanket. nothing like the picture it showed. I used Paypal & hope I can get a refund. I wish i would have seen this before i ordered!

  15. Ordered two quilts/throws and a rug – OMG, what a joke! Horrible products, looks nothing like the products depicted in their photos!!! And the item that is supposedly a rug/carpet as they state in their listing looks like a jumbo size polishing cloth (and I like other scammed customers’ descriptions), that was folded up to fit in an 8″ x 11″ shipping envelope! I have contacted them through their “customer service support” email address several times, but no response! I also sent them several messages on Facebook (they have a page under the titel, “Passionate Gift Shop” with reference to “Ant Cozy”, showing beautiful quilts, etc.! I normally don’t order things through companies on Facebook, but I did a little research to make sure they weren’t located in China, and found nothing that stated they were there! I have requested that they send me a “prepaid return authorization label” so I can return these items for a refund, due to deceptive advertising! Of course, I have heard nothing from them, and after reading their “Return Policy”, I am not going to send them back until I get my money back first – they state in their Return Policy that once they receive their products that I returned, they will determine whether I have good enough reason to get a refund!!! So, possibly and probably no refund!!! The heck with that! I am going to report them to the appropriate authorities! These were supposed to be gifts – I would be embarrassed to give them to anyone, they look like something from the 99 cent store!!! I paid $50.00 for each item!!!

  16. Extra large “rug” ordered. Very disappointed. It was nothing like what was pictured on their website. It was more like a blanket with a non-slid backing & edging that didn’t match a single color in the rug. It arrived in a package that was about 12”x 12”x 3” (& this was a 6’x8’ rug!!). After hanging for 3 days, the wrinkles still haven’t disappeared & I don’t dare try to iron it. The website stated that there was a Money Back Guarantee, but I had to pay to ship it to Hong Kong!! to get that. I was not at all confident there would be a refund so didn’t want to take a chance on that. They did offer to give me 50% back if I kept it. I did take them up on their offer as the best option in a terrible situation. They gave me this credit (through PayPal -sure glad they don’t have my credit card number) very promptly. So I ended up paying $65 instead of $130 for something that is worth less than $10 & I’ll probably never use.

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