Angela Singleton Charge (Mar) Explore Details Here

Angela Singleton Charge (Mar) Explore Details Here

Angela Singleton Charge (Mar) Explore Details Here -> Do you want to know about a mysterious charge that people are reporting online? Check out this post to learn more.

Did you recently hear about a suspicious charge that people are reporting on their credit cards? The Angela Singleton Charge is gaining a lot of attention as it is an unauthorized transaction. 

In the United States and many other countries, banks and financial institutions ask customers to keep a check on their online transactions. In today’s post, we’re letting you know about key info about this charge. 

Read on this post further to learn about this online charge that has got customers talking. 

What is Angela Singleton Charge

Quite recently, people started sharing info about this unauthorized charge on their cards. At first, it seemed the BBVA cardholders were being charged the amount of $1.18 that they had not initiated or authorized. 

The BBVA United States is the subsidiary company of BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria). However, after thoroughly going through the online posts, it was found that the problem of this strange charge is quite widespread. 

People are reporting Angela Singleton Charge as a fraud charge. Some of them share that after reporting it as fraud, they were issued new cards by their respective bank. 

There is a lot of speculation surrounding this mysterious charge. Some of the users share that it is happening due to a data breach. Others share that this is the first time when they’ve been charged for something like this. 

Read on as we share more important info about this fraudulent charge. 

Things to know about Angela Singleton Charge:

  • The banks have not yet released any official warning regarding this charge. 
  • People are sharing their personal experience online to warn other users. 
  • A few users share that the charge cost them $1.18 that was not authorized. 
  • It is not limited to any particular bank. 
  • There is very little info available about this online. 

What are people saying about it? 

People are sharing their experiences online to warn other users. Some of the users share that if anyone receives a notification of a mysterious charge that they did not authorize, then it is highly recommended to inform the bank. 

Concluding remarks 

The Angela Singleton Charge is a cause of concern for customers and banks. It appears to be a fraudulent charge in which the cardholders are charged an amount like $1.18. 

As of now, there is not much info available about this unauthorized transaction. 

A few users of BBVA cards and other cards have reported being charged with an unauthorized amount. Staying wary of any kind of unauthorized transaction and reporting to the banks right away is the smart thing to do. 

Have you received any message of an unauthorized transaction on your debit card? Do let us know your answer. Also, do share what you think of today’s post by leaving a comment in the comment box given on the page.

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