Amus.yxz (Feb 2021) Receive Your Among Us Lock Screen!

Amus.yxz (Feb 2021) Receive Your Among Us Lock Screen!

Amus.yxz (Feb 2021) Receive Your Among Us Lock Screen! >> The write-up is to give detailed information about the new feature of the Among Us game.

Amus. yxz: If you are a game lover and a great fan of Among Us gameplay, you will be aware of new features the game launches very often. Among Us game is top-rated Worldwide that is played in a team with exciting task and hurdles given. 

Here crewmates are given a series of tasks to complete where imposters stop crewmates from doing so. Another latest feature of the game is the Among Us lock screen download that became viral recently; that makes the game more exciting to play.

To know more about this feature in detail, you can also use the correct search code Amus. xyz online.

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What is an Amus. yxz?

The Among Us game is played by two teams’ crewmates and imposters is famous in the gaming world. This game is highly popular among the youth Worldwide. The team comes up with exciting additions now and then to make the game more exciting. 

Recently the gameplay is designed with a new lock screen option that allows the users to lock the screen for imposters, making the game more interesting. By following simple steps online, you can download the feature easily. For that, read the paragraph on how to download the lockscreen from Amus. yxz below. 


  • Website type: amus. xyz
  • IP Address: 23.254. 132. 248
  • Global Alex Rank: Not Available
  • Generated on: Not mentioned
  • Page load time: 0.07 second

A Few Words About Among Us Lockscreen

A fan of Among Us created a themed lock screen that became very popular over the internet. The feature is free for iPhones and iPads. The post on Amus. yxz helps you to know how to download the feature online for free. 

The inventor of the lock screen Liteen made the lock screen similar to the reactor task from Among Us. The feature is more exciting as when an incorrect password is entered, the imposter’s screen displays a message saying, “You’re not the owner of this phone. Try again.”

It includes features like hiding the emergency call button, backspace button and face recognition animation. 

How to download the Lockscreen?

Let’s know how to download the lockscreen from Amus. yxz online for free. The process can be elaborated as follows:

  • Go to the official website of amus. xyz.
  • Enter your country name.
  • Select your device details like Android or iOS.
  • Select the download server like serevr1, server2, or server3.
  • Here, you will be redirected to some other websites.
  • You will be asked to download a few mobile apps.
  • The task must be completed to get the lock screen.
  • As per the website claim, you will get the lock screen after the task is finished.


The Amus. yxz is the latest and trending website of the popular game Among Us that allows us to unlock the lockscreen for Among Us game online for free. By providing the country details and choosing the server and mobile details, one can download it quickly for free.

The game becomes viral and already gained the top position with more than 4.5k upvotes. You can also use as the search code online for more details and updates. If you are a great fan of Among Us game, we suggest you check the new feature launched for free.

If you know more about the lock screen feature, please leave your words in the comments section below.

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