Among Us Snitch Mod {Feb 2021} New Mod Is In Demand!

Among Us Snitch Mod, 2021

Among Us Snitch Mod {Feb 2021} New Mod Is In Demand! >> A brand new mode has been added to the famous murder mystery game. Do you want to know what it is?

What is Among Us Snitch Mod? We all are looking forward to Among Us most significant update in 2021. What is the new map they are going to add, or other official changes the developer will bring? What latest things InnerSloth is going to introduced in their 2021 update.

Recently, Jester mode has been added to Among Us for giving a twist among its fans in the United States. Now Snitch mod has been introduced, which provides a new dynamic to this game for both crewmates and imposter.

What is Snitch Mod?

Among Us- the popular murder mystery game had first released in 2018, after releasing game character attracted social media. To give a dynamic touch, Among Us Snitch Mod, has been added to classic Among Us. The game mainly got its recognition in 2020, and it is now getting popular day by day.

In this mod, one crewmate among all will be chosen to play the role of a snitch. Here, after starting the game, the snitcher needs to complete all the tasks as soon as possible because he/ she only will get to know who the murderer is just before the last mission.

Now the trickiest part is, the imposter will also know the snitcher details at the same time and will try to hunt him/ her. The snitcher will play the vital role in exposing the imposter’s identity in the emergency team meeting.

Where can we get Among Us Snitch Mod?

This mode is yet not official. If you are playing the classic version of this game, then you are not able to access this mode. To play this mode, you need to install the snitch mod-added Among Us game. While downloading such, check the platform whether it is trustable or not, and must be virus-free.

Keep in mind that after downloading the new version, do not try to play it in the regular Among Us version. Are you willing to know which playing device is compatible with this version, then keep an eye in the next section.

Which Platforms are compatible for Among Us Snitch Mod?     

We all know the main version of Among Us had first launched for Android and iOS devices, then it had been made for Windows, Nintendo Switch, and probably in the coming year, it will be introduced on the Xbox series.

However, to play this mode, you need to run this mod Among Us version on PC. Do not try to play on other devices, as there is a high risk of banning your account.


The new snitch role has given a blast to this whole game among the United States fans. This mod made the game more intense and fascinating. However, Among Us Snitch Mod can be run on PC only. Do not try on other devices, as there may be a chance of the account ban.

Have you played this mode? Kindly tell us your experience in the below section.


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