Among Us Servers Hacked (Oct 2020) Explore the Reality.

Among Us Servers Hacked 2020

Among Us Servers Hacked (Oct 2020) Explore the Reality. >> This article covers the facts and information about the game, which was hacked to promote an unofficial channel.

Have you ever tried your hands on the recent trending game, Among Us? If yes, then you might be aware of the problem recently the players have faced. The game has gained popularity a few days after PUBG was banned.

The game was launched in the United States and is mostly played in the United Kingdom and Canada. Due to the fame the game has earned recently, it was in many hackers’ eyes, and they were continually planning to hack the same. Some of them completed their mission, and the game was hacked back last night.

This article is an initiative by us to inform you about the Among Us Servers HackedWe have searched for all the facts regarding this, and also have mentioned them below. Scroll down to know more.

What is Among US?

Among US recently became one of the favorites for the players, and also, they have recorded the fastest and top downloads within a short period. The game offers almost the same features as PUBG and also has gained popularity after the same.

The game themes allow the players to kill the opponents, and also one of the members of the team has to complete the tasks assigned to them. You can download it from the playstore and can enjoy the game.

But the game recently faced an issue. Among Us Servers Hacked.It disturbed many games and also led to many complaints and queries.

We have mentioned the details regarding who was behind this, the motive, and all the other relevant information.

What was the purpose behind Among us Servers Hacked?

The spam was related to Eris Loris and was promoting the same. They have tried to encourage a mysterious handle, which is not even registered. Eris Loris is the Youtube channel that is itself promoting cheating techniques and also promoting hacking techniques.

The spam has intentionally hit around 5 million players and also have disturbed more than 1.5 million games. Among Us Servers Hacked was thus a genuine issue, but the created handled it wisely and even took some action for the same.

Players started receiving the message to follow and subscribe to Eris Loris channel, and also, they said that if they do not follow the same, then they will hack their personal ID’s.

What were the actions taken by the creators?

The created announced on their Twitter channel that they have launched an immediate update rectifying the mistakes and also tried to spot the scammers.

They have informed about the scam and the update via their official account. They have written that they are aware of the hacking process and issue and have taken some significant steps.

They have also asked the players to play with their known ones and not with the random players.

They have launched an update, but still not very confirmed whether the hacker completely vanishes or not.

Final Verdict:

This article informs players about the recent issue faced by the gamers, named Among Us Servers Hacked. We have mentioned all the relevant information about the same.

Do share your views if you, too, have experienced a disturbance in your game.

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