Among Us Logic 15 {Jan} Play this multiplayer Game.

Among Us Logic 15 {Jan} Play this multiplayer Game.

Among Us Logic 15 {Jan} Play this multiplayer Game. -> This article has been written to give you information about most famous online game.

Online games have gained popularity; however, few only have become very popular in Society and could draw the majority section’s attention. Among the US Logic 15 is one amongst them. This is an online multiplayer social deduction game. This was developed and launched by an American game studio, Inner sloth. It was released on Android devices and IOS in June 2018. The same was also released on Windows in November 2018.

It’s launching in the United States projects the popularity of online games in American Society. It also means that Americans are using their free time playing games on mobile phones.

What is this Game about

Among the US Logic 15 is an online multiplayer social deduction game. This Game is developed and launched by an American game studio, Inner sloth. This Game is based on a space-theme setting. There are two roles one is of Imposters, and the other is of Crewmates. Imposters’ number is pre-decided while Crewmates number can be any number. 

Crewmate’s role is to identify the Imposters and eliminate them. Imposters’ part is to beat and kill the crewmates before Imposters gets determined by the crewmates. The exciting point is to find the methodology of whether and how imposters will win or crewmates will win.

Though the Game was launched in 2018 but could get popularity in 2020.because of Twitch streamers and YouTubers.

How to play Among US Logic15

” is a multiplayer game. For starting the match, you need between four to ten players. It depends on the host to select one or two or three players as an imposter in each round; selection can be made randomly. The Game can be played on one of the three maps Known as Skeld, Headquarters, and Polus. At the start of the Game, crewmates must do work like rewiring, 

Fuel filling stations maintenance work, etc. Same activities are assigned to Imposters though they are not competent to do and complete the tasks. Imposters are permitted to sabotage vital systems and doors, kill the crewmates, and jointly can work with the imposters. If imposters succeed in doing sabotaging work or killing crewmates, then they are declared winners.

The approach of development and release of the Game

Initially, Among US Logic15 intended to be a mobile-based game with a single map. A live crime-based game group inspired it. For showing the setting arrangement, there was no provision of any audio. In June 2018 game was launched on Android and IOS with App ID of “Spacemafia.”The project did not succeed at the start, but later on, many changes have been made. Instead of one map, three map provisions were made; the fourth one is yet to be added in the year2021. Many new features, including the provision of Audio, were also made.


Among US Logic15 an online game, based out of United States has added new dimensions of growth in the Mobile-based game app with much new Audio and additional map spacing features. An increase in the number of Game players indicates that the provision of new features and maps was the right decision for making the game plan a successful plan.

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