Among Us Claim. Net (Dec 2020) Can We Get Skins?

Among Us Claim. Net (Dec 2020) Can We Get Skins?

Among Us Claim. Net (Dec 2020) Can We Get Skins? >> Do you want to grab some skins and characters for Among Us? Then, check out this write-up.  

Do you want exciting “Among Us” skin? If yes, Among Us Claim. Net is offering way more compelling characters asking for your gameplay.

We all know the “Among Us” game craze in a gamer’s society, especially in the United States. The game has made it a place in many people’s hearts, and since this game is quite popular among gamers, there are many attempts made to unlock all the levels for free. 

Hence many websites are launched in the market, offering you free stuff for this game. can be one of those websites. This report will provide you a significant proof of why you shouldn’t trust this website. 


Among Us Claim. Net is a two-month-old website launched on 13 October 2020, which offers you appealing character skin for the game “Among Us.”Some of the character skins offered by the website are Vader, Alien X, Hera, Mario Brothers, Crimbo, Rick, Pikachu, MrBeast, Big Brain, God, Goblin, Sage, Shrek, Donald, Spongebob, Patrick, Krabs, E-Or, Ginger, Snorkle, Pinky, Flash, Stich, Mario, Toad, and Wennie.

The website is secure for viewers to browse through, and the servers seem protected by HTTPS protocol. The website interface looks quite simple. All you have to do is select your favorite avatar and click on “Claim Skin,” The site will redirect to the identification page. 

Is legit? 

Among Us Claim. Net allows you to download the character skin only if you have a mobile app. The website is also too new in the online era; hence, it is hard to trust this website.

Also, we went on the website and tried to claim our favorite skin without logging into our “Among Us” account. The website successfully detected us and redirected us to a random page to download some arbitrary mobile application. 

If you have logged into your “Among Us” gaming account and then tried to access this website, the website has control over your gaming account, and if you have done some in-app purchase and the card details are saved Among Us Claim. Net has access to the card details as well.Hence it is not safe to get “Among Us” character skin from this website. 

What is customer feedback about 

We could not find any customer review for this website to claim that it is safe to use. We technical reviewing website claimed not to get trapped in this website and play safely, and this website might be prone to hackers. 

Final Word: 

In the end, we would request you to achieve those beautiful character skin bypassing the levels rather than getting them for free and getting fooled by some scammers. The online world is filled with fake websites like this, taking advantage of people who love the exciting gameplay. We hope this report helped you to scan yet another fake website. Please comment below and share your views. 

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