Among Us Advent Calendar (Jan 2021) Get Fun Prizes!

Among Us Advent Calendar (Jan 2021) Get Fun Prizes!

Among Us Advent Calendar (Jan 2021) Get Fun Prizes! >> In this article, you will get the information for an advent calendar based on a famous themed game and find out its legitimacy.

Among Us Advent Calendar indeed in gaming world among us game wins the heart of children and elder people. Further, this game’s downloads are increasing daily on the android play store and apple play store. Officially, it crosses the 100 million downloads, and those figures are without Mod or crack versions of the game. 

Besides this, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Poland are the most active players. Further, the players from the above mention countries are always listed as top players every month. 

Due to its worldwide popularity, some video game creators create its Mod version. In this version, features among us are unlocked, and players buy them without paying money. Further, many videos are streamed on social media and viewed by millions of people.

What is the advent calendar, and how it goes viral as among us calendar?

Now in the Christmas holidays, its advent calendar is ready to attract your children. There are a few websites on the internet that claiming to sell Among Us Advent Calendar. Let us get the information about this year’s advent calendar. 

An advent calendar is a unique calendar. It acts as a countdown for Christmas and every day has a particular adventurous task to do. But for children, nothing more than to play with their favorite gaming characters, toys, and movie characters. 

Further, each calendar date contains one figure and stickers of a favorite character. Here for children, a few days back, Among Us Advent Calendar is available on the few websites.

In this advent calendar, the lovers of this game could start a countdown till Christmas day. Further, every day by opening the calendar doors, children can collect the themed prize among us game, crewmate stuff toys, stickers and Key chains. This advent calendar is the perfect holiday gift for your child and game lover.

Where you buy this advent calendar?

On exploring the advent calendar for the game, we found a few websites selling this calendar. You could search them by own on search engines. Further, the internet website is selling Among Us Advent Calendar at a discounted price of $36.99, and its original price is $55.98. 

Is Advent Calendar for among us is legit or not?

When we start the detailed analysis of those websites, we know that mostly the product details go viral in mid of November 2020. Few customers ordered the advent calendar for children and waiting for the deliveries.

However, they did not receive the products yet, and we did not find reviews on most of the websites about services. But this calendar is only available on suspicious websites and appears to be a scam site.

Final verdict

On analyzing through Among Us Advent Calendar, we did not find customer review, and who ordered this calendar didn’t receive it yet. But this product is not available on a leading e-commerce website. Further, this product is available only on a few websites, and these websites are suspicious sites. So, we suggest looking for this calendar on other websites by own.

For further information about the gaming calendar, then write to us in the comment section.

0 thoughts on “Among Us Advent Calendar (Jan 2021) Get Fun Prizes!

  1. I purchased two of them and it is not worth the money. Inside each box was 8 pins, 4 of the same dog tag style keychain, 2 acrylic keychains and the rest was stickers. Plus the boxes came damaged and the items either outside of the calendar or at the very bottom.

  2. I ordered this admit calender 15 business days ago with expedite shipping. Hasn’t came yet no have they answered me back.

  3. Total scam!
    I purchased this for my son and it arrived, looking like a cheap bit of rubbish from a £1 shop.
    You get a bulk standard “merry christmas” calender with mainly stickers inside, not whats shown in the pictures

  4. A warning to potential customers: This company (mimonyx, and also starlebest) advertised this advent calendar recently on facebook and I ordered two. The box did not look like the image, it was a generic inexpensive Merry Christmas paper box. The contents were not the same as the image, as another buyer described, there were mostly cheap paper stickers, and a few keychains. No plush figures at all, and only 2 3D vinyl figures. One box arrived later than expected (not in time for Dec 1), and one did not arrive at all. This company is showing deceptive images and selling overpriced items that are not as pictured. Buyer beware. I contacted them and they asked if they could refund $2. Very disappointing, very fraudulent.

  5. Purchased Nov 21, arrived Dec 16. Calendar was damaged, most items out of their spaces im the bottom of the box. Received 4 pins that were exactly the same, a few stickers, and a bunch of little plastic animals that are not Among Us related in any way. Filing a dispute with PayPal.

  6. Update: I opened a dispute with PayPal on December 14th. The company responded saying if I shipped the items back they would refund me. However, today (Dec 25th) i had a notification from PayPal saying they ruled in my favour and are issuing me a refund despite the fact that I haven’t posted it back. Thank goodness for PayPal!

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