Acu 2020 Org Adalah (Nov) Let us Know And Talk About It!

Acu 2020 Org Adalah (Nov) Let us Know And Talk About It!

Acu 2020 Org Adalah (Nov) Let us Know And Talk About It! >> The post is to help readers know about the COVID-19 measures that are taken by the government to fight against the pandemic situation.

The pandemic situation caused by Novel Coronavirus has kept the entire world in tension and suspense. The increasing cases of COVID-19 concern all of us. Many measures and initiatives were taken by the respective government organizations to combat the pandemic. However, most of the measures are harmful to the population and lopsided. For the inquiry about the measures, an independent committee was formed, Acu 2020 Org Adalah.      

Extra Parliamentary Corona Committee of Inquiry or ACU 2020 is the independent committee of inquiry formed on the 31st of May 2020 in front of 5000 people in Stuttgart. 

The committee’s role is to investigate the restrictive measures of government in Indonesia and other nations and why the measures are proving to be harmful for the population. The committee will investigate whether the measures are accurate or disproportionate for the population, and a detailed report will be submitted to the authorities after investigation.     

What is Acu 2020, Org?

Acu 2020 Org is the Extra Parliamentary Corona Committee of Inquiry formed on 31st of May 2020. It is an independent committee of inquiry to investigate the government’s measures to combat COVID-19. The committee’s role is to investigate whether the measures are safe or harmful to the population in Indonesia.    

The inquiry committee stands for a broader education of all the citizens on a multimedia basis. It provides detailed reports and information internationally on Corona in different languages to achieve a wider reach. 

Acu 2020 Org Adalah is the cross-generational, practical project created by the citizens for the citizens. It allows experts and veterans to support the committee with their rich experience, knowledge, and contributions via interviews and lectures. 

What Acu 2020 Org Adalah Does?

Acu 2020 Org is the independent inquiry committee that works without support from other organizations. Donations from citizens and individuals financially back it. The role of the organization is to provide updates and information on Corona in different international languages. It is a practical project by the citizens for the citizens. 

  • It investigates why the restrictive measures for COVID-19 are proving to be harmful to the population
  • Presentations by experts and professors with supportive slide presentations 
  • Personal hearings with witness 
  • A detailed report on the findings of Acu 2020 Org Adalah
  • Transcripts and notes are published on the website in different languages 


The entire world is struggling with the pandemic situation caused by the COVID-19, and most of the government’s measures are proving harmful for the population. There was no independent inquiry committee to look after the matter. So, ACU was announced in front of 5000 people. It looks after the matter and provides a comprehensive guide and details with the report. 

Acu 2020 Org Adalah stands for free, well-established, and broad education for the citizens on multimedia and informs them in several languages about the pandemic measures. 

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