80p Builder Reviews (Oct) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

80p Builder Reviews (Oct) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

80p Builder Reviews (Oct) Is This Authentic Or Scam? >> This post is helpful in reviewing a website that provides firearms, their parts and accessories. 

Are you a fan of collecting firearms? Let’s have a look at 80p Builder Reviews and see what this website has to offer.
The customers from all over the United States have shared their views on the products offered by the website. The reviews provided by the customers are very informative and will clear your mind if their firearm quality is worth buying or not.

Firearms are possessions that should be chosen with great responsibility. You should have excellent knowledge to decide whether to shop a gun from a particular dealer or whether the specific dealer is certified to sell a gun or not. 

This detailed review will clear all your dilemma regarding this website.

What is 80pbuilder.com?

80pbuilder.com is a family-owned online firearm business, launched on 9th March 2018. A family owns the website, and the offline store is typically situated in the United States.

The website provides you various types of Gluck Factory Magazine, custom kits, gloves, mag wells, triggers, optics, lenses, base pads, weapon lights, knives, and different pistols models with variable caliber bullets. 

The website claims that all the weapons and accessories are made in the USA. The website follows HTTPS to keep your identity secure. 

The newsletter services will keep you informed if the new model is introduced in the stock. Please stay connected to know more about 80p Builder Reviews.

80pbuilder.com Specifications

  • Product Category: Firearm and its accessories
  • Website Link: https://80pbuilder.com/
  • Email: Not Offered
  • Phone Number: Not Mentioned 
  • Address: United States of America
  • Delivery Time: 14 Days 
  • Shipping Charges: Variable
  • Refund /return: 30 Days after delivery 
  • Mode of Payment: Online Payment Gateway

Pros of purchasing from 80pbuilder.com

  • Variable firearm accessory available 
  • Family-owned business
  • Newsletter services provided
  • Option to save your product in the wish 
  • Refund/ return option available 

Cons of purchasing from 80pbuilder.com

  • Variable shipping charges
  • A very few 80p Builder Reviews available
  • Deficient activity in the social media platform 
  • No contact information available 
  • The long delivery periods
  • 15% restocking charges in case of return 

Is 80pbuilder.com Legit?

80pbuilder.com is in the market for a long time, but still, we found zero activity on the website’s Facebook page. The website has not provided any contact number for customers to contact the staff and inquire about their concerns. 

We found many 80p Builder Reviews from the customers on various product reviewing websites where customers have stated that they have not received their products for a long time.

The product’s shipping charges are variable; therefore, the shipping charges might be more than your expected cost. The website charges a 15% restocking price is you wish to choose to return your order or get a refund. 

You will have to pay the postal charges to ship your product to return to the firm. Many customers have appreciated the quality of work and their durability. 

Hence the reviews are both positive and negative; therefore, we recommend you do your research before buying the product.

What is customer reviews about 80pbuilder.com? 

Many customers stated that the delivery takes longer than the estimated time mentioned on the website. They also noted that the product does not stand to the claims of the website’s quality. 

Many customers were pleased with the products offered by the website. Due to a lack of comments on the brand’s social media profile, the website attracts some suspicious judgments towards it. 

Final Word

80p Builder Reviews seems to be both positive and negative. Therefore we would suggest you go for online reviews related to your particular product. 

The website lacks a lot of crucial information needed by the customers to trust the dealer. The lack of contact information will leave you clueless in case you have any queries regarding your product. 

There is no option to cancel your order, so once you have placed the order, the only option left with you is to wait for your order to get delivered and then opt for return. 

We would recommend you do your research regarding the dealer authenticity and ask for all the legal documents required for you. If you are a beginner in handling firearm, we recommend you go for a most trusted dealer. Bad quality of firearms may cause health issues and unfortunate incidents.

Please be very confident before shopping for guns from this dealer, as we have received negative reviews also. We hope we helped provide you clarity regarding this website. Please comment below and share your views in the comments section below.

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