50409 Resistbot (Sep 2020) Scroll Down For Its Reviews.

50409 Resistbot

50409 Resistbot (Sep 2020) Scroll Down For Its Reviews. >> In this article, you will read about a messenger service for voters in the USA.

With elections just around the corner, this is the time to connect to your leaders more than ever! And from 2017, 50409 Resistbot has been doing an excellent job connecting the United States voters to their favorite Senators.

As a democratic government is mainly built on its voters, there must be a constant connection and free communication flow from both the voters and their Senators. This divide between Congressmen and voters has been almost nullified with the advent of 50409 Resistbot.

The service has gained more popularity than ever and is used by Senators, media persons, and, of course, the United States voters alike. Read on for more detail into 50409 Resistbot and how to use it to your advantage.

What is 50409 Resistbot?

Eric Ries and John Puterty, in January 2017, came up with 50409 Resistbot, an innovative messaging service to bring about universal harmony in civic engagement and civic education. Their goal was mostly to push for maximum engagement and fruitful interchange to facilitate public good for the United States voters. And as 50409 Resistbot is a free service, it became more popular in the US.

How does 50409 Resistbot work?

50409 Resistbot is not only free but also extremely easy to use. Users have to type “resist” to 50409, followed by several prompts. The service asks for address and ID details to confirm the user’s identity and also map the actual elected representative for the particular user. Then the user has to type out the letter, which is then delivered to the particular Senate of the United States by the service via mail, fax, email, or postal delivery whatever is available.

The longer the users use this service, the more features they unlock. Starting from just sending the message, they can unlock Senator details and how to reach them to even locations of their designated town halls with subsequent usages.

What are people saying?

The initial reception to 50409 Resistbot has been overwhelming. By the first four months of Launch, it recorded 730,000 users in the United States, which increased to a whopping 1,000,000 by the end of six months. With every passing year, more and more volunteers have signed up to help deliver the messages for 50409 Resistbot, all over the US.

The service has been featured in magazines all over the US, from Huffington Post to Miami Herald and several others. The fact that Resistbot allows direct contact with the media has also prompted Senators to be more active on the platform.


50409 Resistbot has helped unite voters in the United States to place a more solidified front to place their demands and already several results like Net Neutrality and others; people were successful.

The service promotes democracy and goodwill and hopefully would grow with time.

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